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Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line

  • 150 Cable Extruder

  • 25:1

  • Longterm

  • 0.5~0.7mm

  • 1000mm

  • 0.05mm

  • >940

  • 630~800mm

  • 200m/Min

  • Max200m/Min

  • Sj65-25

  • 80mm

  • 0.254mm

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • Customized

  • Longterm

  • Jiangsu, China

  • 847720900

  • 400 Sets/Year

  • US$ 1/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line

Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line


The unit comfortable soft PVC,such as poly(PVC by hot press method to be extruded insulation wire core)

The production line to the requirement of working environment
Temperature:0-45 degrees
Power supply:three-phase 380 plus or minus 10%,50 hz with neutral wire.No impulse voltage,interference.

Technical Parameters
The screw diameter 150mm
The screw length to diameter ratio 25:01:00
After sheath outside diameter φ35~140mm
Maximum traction 2500kg
The production line speed >40m/min
Steel specification PN1600-PN3150
The line plate specification PN1600-PN3150
Equipment center high 1000mm
Production line direction In the face of the nose left put right

Equipment Composition
LF1600/3150 gantry rail walking type of passive motorized 1 sets of
TQD-2000kg crawler type pneumatic tractor traction before 1 sets of
SJ-150X25 plastic extruder 1 sets of
Automaic drying feeding device 1 sets of
φ140 square sheathed the nose 1 only
24 m stainless steel water trough(including 4 meters mobile sink) 1 sets of
Cable blow dry device 1 set
TQD-2500kg crawler type pneumatic tractor traction after 1 set
LSP1600 /walk type 3150 gantry rail line frame 1 sets of
Electrical synchronization control system 1 sets of

Raw material (PP,PE,PA,PET)-----Pay-off ----Caterpillar--- Extruder head---Water cooling---Drying----Caterpillar ---winder/take -up machine
Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line
Electrical Part
Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line
We are a collection of scientific research and development and production of wire and cable equipment and a variety of efficient energy-saving extrusion production line of key enterprises, so far, the main product including wire and cable Insulation and Sheathing production Line, TQD series Pneumatic Type belt puller LF series Portal Type Pay-off, LSP series Portal Type Take-up, Various Wire Accumulator, Capstan Haul-off, Pay-off & Take-up, Cooling Water Trough, and Optical Fiber Equipment, Communication Cable Equipment, Signal Cable Equipment.

Our company has a technical administration team who engages wire and cable equipment industrial more than twenty years, as well as an experienced engineer and skilled workers, our honest business reputation and good sales achievement, win the trust from our domestic and overseas customers, the products are exported to United States, France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, etc.

Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line

After-sales Service
Electrical and Electronic Wires Extrusion Line

− Q: Are you the manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are the manufacturer. We have a group of highly qualified engineers and experts, who have been working in the field of OFC equipment for more than ten years.

− Q: What is your company's main production?

A: We specialized in optical fiber and optical cable machine researching and manufacturing. Our products include Optical fiber coloring and rewinding machine series, Optical fiber secondary coating line series, Optical cable stranding line, Optical fiber cable sheathing line series and other optical cable equipment.

− Q: What can we offer our customers?

A: Our professional production and technical personnel can train our customers' employees and ensure the smooth production of customers. And will provide our customers with after-sales service.

− Q: How long is the machine warranty?

A: Warranty period of one year (since the completion of mechanical debugging at the buyer's factory)

− Q: Why do I choose your company?
A: We have more than 10 years of professional experience in the production of cable machinery, providing high-quality, high-security products.

We have an experienced team of skilled workers and engineers.

We can support overseas training engineers.

We can customize the design, to accept the customer's sample design.

We can provide customers with after-sales service.

Enable us to send you an accurate machine offer. pls kindly send us the following information:
1. How many kgs/meters to extrusion per hour?
2. Reel/Flange Diameter, we need to quote correct take-up and pay off machine
3.Could you please send us your cable structure?
4. Extrusion material of cable sheath and Cable sheath thickness
5.Cable size
6.Cable pulling speed

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