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LPG Gas Cylinder Production Equipment

Hot Spinning Machine

Steel Drum Production Line


Automatic LPG Gas Cylinder Manufacturing Line
  • Full Automatic Body Welding Line
  • High Speed Panasonic MIG Welder
  • No Spatter Left On The Cylinder Surface
  • 360pcs Per 8 Hours Per One Machine
Automatic Steel Drum Manufacturing Line
  • Full Automatic Steel Drum Manufacturing Line 5-6pcs of Drum Per Minute
  • Full Automatic & Semi Automatic Seam Welding Machine
  • 30 Years of Experience Manufacturer of Steel Drum Line  
  • Standard Sizes: 200L, 208L, 201L and 220L
Automatic Hot Spinning Machine
  • Size range: 80mm-930mm
  • Application:CNG, Fire Extinguisher, High pressure gas, CO2, O2, N2, etc..
  • Energy type: LNG, LPG and Electricity





Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies is a professional manufacturer of solar water tank machinery, LPG &LNG cylinder and steel drum welding equipment with many years of experience.
We are improving technologies all the time and developing welding machinery market. We provide customers with inner and outer solar water tank, LPG &  LNG cylinder, fire extinguisher, and steel drum welding machine and system solutions, including circumferential seam welding, longitudinal seam welding, nozzle welding, jacket layer welding system, etc...
We can customize all our equipment according to different customers requirement.
Just let us know your requirement, we will give you perfect welding solutions! 
We are Longterm Company, we will provide Longterm Quality Machinery and Longterm Cooperation for the customers from all over world!


Flangers & Curlers machine
W-Beader& corrugator machine
Hot spinning neck-in machine for Fire Extinguisher
Automatic Electric Water Heater Double Head Body Welding Machine
Hot spinning neck-in machine for Fire Extinguisher
Automatic Double Head Body welding for LPG Gas Cylinder with both laser and video tracing device


  • LPG Cylinder Welding Line Training


    Due to the restrictions of the epidemic, we conduct machine training with customers through video calls. Read More

  • LPG Cylinder Making Machine Shipment


    Today, we are loading the LPG cylinder circular welding machine, air leakage testing machine, hydro testing machine and silk printing machine and will send the machinery to our Brazilian customer's factory. Read More

  • CCTV Interview


    Today CCTV came to our factory to shoot because our auto welding line for LPG cylinders is famous all over the world. Read More

  • 32nd World LPG Forum&European Congress


    We will participate in 32nd World LPG Forum&European Congress which will happen in Amsterdam during 24th-27th Sept 2019. Read More

  • 6th Africa LPG Summit 2019


    We participated in 6th Africa LPG Summit 2019 which happened in Tanzania during 03-04 July 2019. Read More

  • Steel drum manufacturing machinery


    Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of steel drum,bitumen drum, open drum manufacturing machine with more than 30 years of history. We are leading supplier of complete turkney solution for 55 gallon (US) & 44 gallon (UK) steel drum,bitumen drum, open drum production line manufacturing equipments. Read More

  • 31th World LPG Forum in Houston, USA


    We will participate in 31st world LPG Forum which will happen in Houston during 2-4 Oct. 2018. Welcome to our Booth Read More

  • Automatic LPG/LNG cylinders welding machines


    Wuxi Longterm machinery has been focues on the solar water tanks and air tanks welding since 1978. We are renowned in China and even the world for our leading teacnology. Wuxi Longterm weld has domestic operations located in Jiangsu Province, Sichuang Province and international engineering and manufacturing in China. Read More

  • Fully automatic LPG cylinder welding machine


    Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd is the leading supplier of complete turnkey solutions for the LPG cylinder manufacturing. The whole process from blanking to powder coating and finishing line. With professional technical back ground, we have been engaged in welding research since 1975. We have fully automatic line from trimming, joggling, valve bung welding, handle and bottom welding to automatic MIG body welding, the whole line involves only 7 workers with output 2000pcs per 8hrs. The circumferential seam welding machines are completed with both video and laser tracing devices which ensure good welding quality continuously. Our machine has been exported to many country, such as America, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc..They are popular all over the world and bring big profit by saving a lot of labor, electricity and time. Read More

  • Hot Spinning Machine


    LONGTERM is the manufacturer in the field of hot spinforming machinery in China, with a well established reputation for outstanding performance. Recognized worldwide for its proprietary design and manufacturing know how. LONGTERM has been involved in this industry since 1990. We got here on the basis of providing strong support to clients who buy our machinery. Read More

  • South Asia LPG Summit 2019


    We will participate the European LPG Association which will be during May 31st-June 1st 2018. Welcome to our booth, the booth No.77. Read More


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