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CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine

  • 89-180

  • 34CrMo4

  • Acceptable

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • T/T

  • Standard Seaworthy Packages

  • 13000 x 8000mm

  • HLT

  • Jiangsu, Wuxi

  • 8479300000

  • 100 Sets

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine
co2 oxygen cylinder gas tank hot spinning machine

HFD180 Hot Spinning Machine include: Intermediate Frequency Heating Equipment, Hot Spinning Forming Machine, Bottom Pushing Machine, etc. Total power for Complete Equipment is about 2000Kw, installation area is 13000 x 8000mm, specific parameter as following:
Intermediate Frequency Heating Equipment Model D180-110Kw
Technical Parameters
A.Main Technical Parameter:
Rated Power(KW) Rated Frequency(Hz) Power Frequency Voltage(V)
110 2500 3-380
B.Equipment Performance and Technical Requirement
1.KGPS-B Thyristor Intermediate Frequency Inverter
1-1, Main Technical Parameter:
Rated Power
Max Power
Rated Frequency
Power Frequency
Output Voltage(V) Matching Transformer
110 250 2500 3N-380 750 200
1-2, Master Control Broad:
Master Control Broad uses imported integrated circuit. Rectifier triggers do not need any adjustment, it has phase sequence to adaptive electric circuit with high reliability. Inverter adapts sweeping-frequency and zero pressure start-up, it has the function of heavy load starting. Frequency tracking circuit using the average sampling programs to improve anti-jamming capability of the inverter. Inverter circuit also added inverter angle regulating circuit, which can automatically adjust load impedance matching.
1-3, Protection and Control:
Master Control Broad internal function includes: Rectifier phase shifting trigger, Phase self-adaption, Inverter trigger, Reverse lead angle lock, Inverter repeat start, Over-current protection, Over-voltage projection, Open-phase protection, Hydraulic under-voltage protection, Control panel under-voltage protection,etc.
1-4, The Standard of Frequency Converter:
ZBK46001-87 Semiconductor Frequency Converter for Induction Heating
JB/DQ6367-88 Semiconductor Frequency Converter for Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating, Product Quality Analysis and so on
JB4086.85 Technical Condition of Electric Control Equipment for Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating
JB/T4280-93 Intermediate Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace
1-5, Water Tank:
Frequency Converter and Capacitor all adopt open return system, it's better for observation. Cabinet body with water pressure protection device.
1-6, External Power Cord:
External Frequency Power Cord enter from the top of Intermediate frequency power supply cabinet.
1-7, Power Regulating:
There is Power Regulating Knob on the panel of Intermediate Frequency Power Supply Cabinet, the output power of frequency converter is adjustable.
1-8, Main Circuit Connection:
Main circuits of the power supply cabinet are made by copper.
1-9, Color of Cabinet:
Computer spray gray.
No. Seamless cylinder production line
1 Cutting machine
2 Cylinder Bottom Closed Machine
3 Bottom Leak Testing Machine
4 Cylinder Head-Shut Machine
5 Cylinder Automative Drilling Machine
6 hardening and tempering production line
7 Threaded Screw Machine
8 Gantry-type external testing machine (including dryer)
9 inner shot blasting machine
10 Outer shot blasting machine
11 Coding Machine
12 Rivet collar machine
13 Rivet bottom machine
14 Spraying line
15 Valve mounting machine
16 Cylinder Air Leakage Testing Machine

CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine
CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine

Outer shot blasting machine

CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine


CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine

Coding Machine

CO2 Oxygen Cylinder Gas Tank Hot Spinning Machine

D180 Hot Spinning Machine Technical Parameters

A.Parameters for Cylinder
1-1, Cylinder Material: 34CrMo4 (35 CrMo),37Mn,30 CrMo
1-2, Specification of Cylinder:
  1. Diameter:φ89-180mm
  2. Length: 400--1050mm
  3. Thickness: 5--12mm
  4. Weight: <80kg
B. Performance for Hot Spinning Machine
  1. 2.1, Production rate: <80s/bottle(including the time of input and output material)
    2.2, Equipment total power: around 60KW
    Main motor: 30KW--6P
    2.3, Flap rotation torque: 20KN.m
    2.4, Hydraulic system nominal operating pressure:5--8Mpa (Low pressure), 6-15Mpa (High pressure)
    2.5, Speed of Mainshaft: 400~450 R/M
    2.6, Two optional types for auxiliary heating: Automatic or Manual
C. Structure of Hot Spinning Machine
  1. 3.1, Hot spinning machine main engine includes main engine chassis, main shaft, jack catch clamping device, grip cylinder, oil dispenser.
    3.2, Panel turnover mechanism includes turning plate, turning plate oil cylinder, turning plate bearing(single-boom) and adjusting mechanism, turning plate centre lower than 20mm of main shaft centre, cushion block.
    3.3, Equipment includes feeding mechanism, discharge mechanism, air cylinder, removable and adjustable feed frame.
    3.4, Steel pipe positioning mode: prelocalization
    3.5, Hydraulic system includes high-low pressure pump, control valve and connecting pipeline.
    3.6, One set electric control cabinet, one set electric control box.
    3.7, Two types for Mould lifting device: Automatic or Manual
D. Component and File Provided
4.1, Jack catch:φ89,φ140,φ180(each diameter one pair)
4.2, Closed bottom die:φ180(one pair)
4.3, Manufacture Certificate, Operation Instruction, Electrical Principle Chart, Hydraulic Principle Chart, Main Component Chart, The Installation Plan, Equipment Shipping List.

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