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Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

  • Stainless Steel

  • Radial Models(JM Series)

  • Hot Spinning

  • Rolling V Type Belt Wheel

  • Triple

  • Cylinder

  • Cylinder Shape

  • 90 Degree

  • 1300 mm

  • 23000 * 3200 * 2300 mm

  • 406~920 mm

  • 5500~12500 mm

  • Automatic CNC Hot Spinning Machine for Gas Bottle

  • Available

  • Full Automatic

  • 3 Months

  • Standard Seaworthy & Strong Package

  • ISO9001

  • Comflex

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu, China(Mainland)

  • 830710000

  • as Requested

  • US$ 800/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Automatic CNG cylinder / Industrial cylinder hot spinning machine
Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine
I. Technical specification

Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

Main parameter of machine:

1.Material: 34CrMo4 (35 CrMo),37Mn,30 CrMo.


A. Diameter φ89-180mm

B. Length 330~1250mm;

C. Thickness 3~6mm;

D. Weight <20kg.

3,Hot spinning machine

3.1 Production cycle:: 60 second/pcs (bottom closing and thicken, incl. Loading and unloading time)

3.2 Production cycle: 80 second/pcs (mouth closing, incl. Loading and unloading time)

3.3 Total power 58KW, Main motor 30KW - 6 phases.

3.4 Hydraulic system working pressure:5Mpa(low pressure),15Mpa(high pressure)

3.5 Spindle rotation speed 450rpm/min

4. Bottom closing and mouth closing mechanism

4.1 Bottom closing, mouth closing incl. Main machine, main shaft, clamping device, clamping oil cylinder.

4.2 Cylinder rotated device incl. Rotated plate, rotated oil cylinder, rotated supporter (single-arm)

4.3 Loading and unloading mechanism incl. Air cylinder and control elements, the feeding position could be adjusted accordingly, required air source pressure 0.5 MPa, air supplying 1.0m3/m

4.4 Hydraulic system consists of proportional valve and reversing valve, total power is 22KW

4.5 Electrical cabinet 1 set, operation table 1 set

4.6 Auto-mode and manual-mode could be switched

Industrial cylinder / CNG cylinder hot spinning machine

Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

II. Cylinder parameter:

1. Max. Diameter: 406mm

2. Min. Diameter: 232mm

3. Max. Length: 2000mm

4. Min. Length: 800mm

5. Thickness: 5~15mm

III. Machine specification:

1. Machine productivity: Maximum 3 mins per piece (incl. Loading and unloading, mouth necking-in)

2. Machine center height: 1235mm

3. Main shaft motor: 144KW (DC)

4. Slider axial stroke: 65mm

5. Slider radial stroke: 17mm

6. Radial clamping force: 1200KN

7. Main shaft rotation speed: 0-700 rpm

8. DC speed adjuster: Siemens DC driver

9. Mould axial stroke: 450mm

10. Mould axial max. Feeding force: 246.3KN

11. Mould axial max. Feeding speed: 150mm/s

12. Roller rotation angle max. Speed: 25°/S

13. Roller max. Torque: 65KN·m

14. Roller swing angle: 0-100°

15. Hydraulic motor: 90KW

16. Proportional speed control reversing valve: iTALY atos

17. Control method: Siemens 840D

18. Power: 3*380V, 50Hz

19. Pipe ends heating power: 500KW/1000HZ

II. Manufacturing process

Blanking - Bottom closing - Mouth closing - Quench - High temp tempering - Mechanical test - Internal blasting - Hydro testing - Embossing - Moth threading - Inspection and hardness test - External primary blasting - External shot blasting - Powder coating - Valve mounting - Leakage testing - Package

Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

III. Machinery testing

Mouth closing

Bottom pressing

Finished products

IV. Accessories machine

- CNC threading machine

1. Overview

The CNC lathe can realize X-Z two-axis linkage, equipped with Guangzhou CNC system, and has all the functions of NC machine tools, such as linear interpolation, arc interpolation, thread cutting, tool compensation, macro program, error compensation, constant linear speed, program storage and so on.

The machine tool adopts integral casting with good overall rigidity, good dynamic performance, accurate motion precision control, stable machining precision and good consistency, and can be continuously controlled by two coordinates (longitudinal Z, transverse X). It can automatically complete the machining of inner and outer circular surface, conical surface, arc surface, end face and other rotary surfaces, as well as turning thread and other functions. The machine tool is suitable for the processing of accumulators, CNG gas cylinders and the mouth of industrial gas cylinders. It is a special CNC machine tool with good performance-to-price ratio.

2. Applied application

A. The machine is suitable for the processing of cylinder mouth, outer circle, inner hole, car sealing table, internal and external thread and so on, all of which are realized by NC programming, and the single station feeding and discharging device is adopted to realize (semi-automatic / manual 2 states optional). The clamping of the workpiece adopts the arc contact positioning between the front top bowl and the gas cylinder, and the rear positioning adopts the axial compression of the oil cylinder to clamp the workpiece between the two top bowls.

1) Cylinder diameter range: 232-406mm

2) Cylinder length range: 895-1800mm (round bottom)

3) Max. Cylinder weight: 500KG

4) Processing time: 90-120 s/pc (based on PZ27.8 thread, without hole digging time)

5) Thread quality and thread processing capability:

Thread processing shall not have defects such as missing teeth, cusps, flat teeth, double lines of teeth, and so on.

Thread roughness must be above Ra3.2 level
Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

2.Mechanical character

A.Hardness of CNG cylinder after quenching and tempering:HB248-300

B.Cylinder diameter range: φ219mm-φ406mm

C.Length range: 600mm--2200mm

D.Thickness range: 5-12 mm

E.Weight of cylinder: ≤120Kg


1.Embossing production beat (including loading and unloading time):

A. First row of 70-90 pcs/hour

B. Second row 50~70 pcs/hour

C. Three rows of 35~45 pcs/hour

D. Four rows of 30-40 pcs/hour

Automatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning MachineAutomatic CNG Cylinder / Industrial Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

V. Who we are

LONGTERM is the manufacturer in the field of hot spinforming machinery in China, with a well established reputation for outstanding performance. Recognized worldwide for its proprietary design and manufacturing know how. LONGTERM has been involved in this industry since 1990. We got here on the basis of providing strong support to clients who buy our machinery. When you 'down' - our job is get you back 'up' Servicing on our machinery has been greatly facilitated by advances in remote control software. This allows us to troubleshoot issues half way around the world and gets you up and running in time frames! We understand what our customers need to stay competitive:

  • Custom quality parts
  • At an affordable rate
  • In the fastest possible

Meeting these goals requires precision in everything we do. We are proud to offer these hot spinforimng services. But more importantly, we're proud we've helped our customers meet their component manufacturing demands, to grow their business.


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