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Steel Oil Drum Seaming Machine for Sale

  • longterm

  • Product Line

  • Steel Oil Drum Seaming Machine for Sale

  • Thg622, Thg660, Thg720, Thg920

  • 406-920mm

  • 5500-12500mm

  • 10-30mm

  • 1300mm

  • 200-355kw

  • 90°

  • CNC

  • 23000*3200*2300mm

  • Standard Seaworthy or Air Package

  • SGS

  • HLT

  • China, Jiangsu

  • 730799000

  • 50000000m/Year

  • US$ 0/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

steel oil drum seaming machine for sale

Steel Oil Drum Seaming Machine for Sale

1. Drum body straightening & blanking line(Cap straightening line)

Sheet thickness:0.8~1.2mm, Sheet coil width:660~1250mm
Max coil diameter:1650mm, Coil ID:φ508/φ610
Coil weight≤10T, Decoiler speed: 5-50m/min
Mitsubishi PLC, Servo motor driving control

Steel Drum Cap Production Line

2. Automatic cap folding machine(with glue), speed: 6pcs/min

Steel Drum Cap Production Line

2. Automaic resistence seaming welding
1. Application: 200L, 208L steel drum welding, special specifications can be designed according customers' requirement
2. Welding speed: 0-8m/min
3. Max. Welding Thickness: 1.5mm+1.5mm
4. Welding length: 400-1100mm

Steel Oil Drum Seaming Machine for Sale

Steel Oil Drum Seaming Machine for Sale

3. Drum body flanging and expanding machine, speed: > 6pcs/min
The drum will be loaded to the machine automatically through conveyor, the machine will automatically check the drum body and lift it to a suitable places, then the carriage plate will move forward, the drum body will be flanged and expanded, then automatically lift down, the carriage plate will automatically move back(when the carriage plate is back, the machine decompression will be loading state, which will save energy). The drum body will go down and be unloaded on the conveyor.
Machine size: 3800*710*1600mm
Machine weight: 5000kgs
Power: 18KW

Steel Oil Drum Seaming Machine for Sale

Steel Drum Cap Production Line

4. Drum assembly machine, speed: >6pcs/min
Manually put the cap on the assembly machine, the conveyor will load on the cap and drum body into the machine and assembly together. The assembly machine adopts double motors, separate driving, double main spindles. The carriage plate adopts imported linear guided with high accuracy and small friction.
Machine size: 3800*900*1700mm
Machine weight: 9000kgs
Power: 55KW

Steel Drum Cap Production Line
5. Painting booth
4 sets pray pump(Chongqing Changjiang)
13 sets pray nozzle(American Nordson)
4500*3400*2500mm painting booth
Stainless steel sink and paint pipe line
Edge curl and paint repair device
Three-jaw painting rotation clamping device

Steel Drum Cap Production Line

6. End products

Steel Drum Cap Production Line


Steel Drum Making Machine

1. Why choose us as your supplier?
We are most professional in steel drum welding equipment with more than 30 years of experience

2. What can you supply for steel drum manufacturing?
A. Full automatic longitudinal seam welding machine
B. Semi-automatic seam welding machine
C. Spot welding + seam welding machine

3. What sizes you machine can weld?
Standard international size:100L-225L

We need to know the following information to quote you correct machineries:

1.What power supply in your country?
Voltage and power

2. Size and Diameter of the Steel Drum

3. Thickness and length of the Drum
For instance: 0.6--1.2mm

4.Material of the drum
Carbon steel or stainless steel

5.Technical drawing of the drum

6.Productity/daily output
How many pieces you want to make per day?

7.Are you new in this industry, or you already have some machineries there?

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