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55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price

  • 4.5kw

  • 0.4---0.8kpa

  • 500-600mm

  • 100-400mm, Adjustable.

  • About 6 PCS/Min

  • Mitsubishi

  • 600mm

  • 500mm

  • 1800mm

  • 6 Drums/Min

  • 380V/50Hz,0.5kw

  • 5000(L)X1200(W)X1750(H)mm

  • PLC

  • Polywood Box

  • customized

  • HLT

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu

  • 8443192290

  • 720000/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Heat transfer printing machine&silk printing machine
Product Description

A: Heat transfer printing machine B: Silk printing machine

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price
55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price

Product Parameters

1. Heat transfer printing machine

Technical parameter
*Power: 4kw
*Voltage: 220V/380V
*Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
*Efficiency: about 6 pcs/min
*PLC control:Mitsubishi
*This machine can print up
to any two parts of the barrel.
You can freely adjust the
machine to print on the
segment you want
55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price

2. Silk printing machine

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price
I.The purpose of designing this proposal:
Improve production efficiency, save labor, realize operation without or with fewer operator, and ensure stable and qualified printing effect.

II.Silk printing Technology Process:
The printing line is divided into four parts:
  1. Drum Entry turnover machine,
  2. Screen printing machine,
  3. Drum exit turnover machine. (A, C turnover machine could change the conveying direction)
  4. Welding seam positioner device

A.Drum entry turnover machine: It is rotary four-sided mechanism, which can flip 4 pcs drums for one cycle. The function is to turnover the vertical drum which is sent by the conveyor through 90-degree turning to be horizontal type, and then send into the screen printing machine.

B.Screen printing machine: It is a fully automatic printing machine with program control, which transfers the icons and characters on the screen to the surface of the drum through a squeegee and an ink-returning knife.

C.Drum exit turnover machine: It is four-sided rotating wheel mechanism, its function is to flip finisheed printed steel drum for about 90 degrees,then it goes for vertical position again, and drum enter into next station through the conveyor belt.

D.Welding seam positioner device: the purpose of this device is to find welding seam and to position on the incoming drum.
Then avoids the welded seam of drum. Compatible with open barrels and closed barrels.
55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price
55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price
C :Drum to be vertical type.
Speed: It could print 10 drums per minute. (maximum size 600X400mm). Single-band silk printing(only print middle part)
The main parts
A. Structure: All steel structure, paint treatment.
B. The positioning system adopts program-controlled positioning.
C. The motor adopts national excellent brands.
D. The transmission chain adopts domestic high-quality carbon steel plate type rolling chain, equipped with a complete set of medium-hardness polyurethane supporting drum (which can effectively avoid the drum surface from scratching the drum)
E. The control and industrial control system adopts German Siemens PLC program controller, and the electronic control accessories choose national excellent brands.

5. Technical Parameters:

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price
Voltage: 380V,50HZ. Three-phase four-wire system
Total power: 4.5KW
Air pressure: 0.4---0.8KPa
Drum diameter: 500-600mm, adjustable.
Drum height: 100-400mm, adjustable.
Screen printing accuracy: ≤1mm.

Machine dimension: Length between 4000-4500mm; width: 1300mm
Roller Conveyor Length(A and B): 2500mm

Included Machines
1. The left and right entry and exit roller conveyor lines, 2.5 meters for each.
2. Two sets of drum turnover machines for loading and unloading.
3. One set of automatic silk screen printing machine (with automatic positioning).
Cylindrical Drum Silk Printing Machine
Machine Feature:
1. The PLC microcomputer controls the action of each function, with a high degree of automation,
2. Automatically scrape ink, return ink, lift the worktable, etc.
3. The photoelectric should be monitored by switch, no printing if there is no drum.
4. Automatic drum feeding, automatic positioning, automatic printing, and automatic conveyor belt transmission after printing.
5. Manual loading and unloading drums.
6. The drum upper, middle,lower part can be printed at the same time or print separately.

Technical Parameters:
Max printing diameter::600mm;
Min printing diameter:500mm;
Max printing length:1800mm;
Max printing speed:6 drums/min;
Air pressure:6-7bar;

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price
55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price

Three parts of steel drum could be printed at the same time
III.Printing Process:Drum entry(vertical type)
Through A B(silk printing) with Conveyors auto welding positioner B silk printing


1: Cam-linkage mechanisms driving mode combined with PLC control system for effectively guarantee working stability, reliability,and most efficiency.
2: Reliability: Main components from Rexroth, SMC, Mitsubishi international brand. The machines hardware parts are made by CNC directly from CAD.
3: Machine Frame & structures made by high-intensity aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
4: With PLC control system. Fast setup & quick tooling change over for customer's easy operation and adjustment.
5: Adopted with No-product- no print system, auto counter, safety alarm device.
6: Optional: Made based on the customer's special requirements. devices, antistatic dust removing
device, extra set flame treatment, UV/IR system, auto scrambler system, offloading conveyor, offloading robot arm to have bottles stand up on the off conveyor belt and any other customizations due to order.
7:Electronic UV Curing System for mostly power rate saving, assuring the UV lamp's longest life span,
adjustable UV identity from 20%-100%


1: Lower noise and perfect working stability because of the mechanical driven
2: High precised and perfect registering double-color printing
3: Easy setting up for tooling change between oval, round and flat shape bottles and containers
4: equipped with electronic control UV curing system for adjust the UV density ranges from 0-100%
5: Much Higher Working Capacity
Company introduction55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price WUXI LONGTERM is the manufacturer in the field of steel drum production line in China, with a well established reputation for outstanding performance.Recognized worldwide for its proprietary design and manufacturing know how. LONGTERM has been involved in this industry since 1990. We got here on the basis of providing strong support to clients who buy our machinery. our machines have been exported to Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, Turkey, Australia, Kenya, Egypt, India etc...
When you 'down' - our job is get you back 'up'
Servicing on our machinery has been greatly facilitated by advances in remote control software. This allows us to troubleshoot issues half way around the world and gets you up and running in time frames!
We understand what our customers need to stay competitive:
Custom quality parts
At an affordable rate
In the fastest possible
Meeting these goals requires precision in everything we do.

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drums Silk Printing Machine Price

To enable me send you offer for correct machines, please tell me following details:

A: Technical drawing

B: Size of the steel drum you want to manufacture

C: What's the capacity per shift/day?

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