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Powder Coating Line for LPG Gas Cylinder Production Line

  • HLT

  • 3kg-50kg

  • <30kg

  • Qxt250/50kg Light Common Chain

  • 2000PCS/12hours

  • 1.4m/Min

  • 220-380V

  • Nature Gas(LPG)

  • 180-190ºC

  • Auto + Manual

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • all sizes cylinders

  • HLT

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu

  • 8447902000

  • 20 Sets/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Powder Coating Line for LPG Gas Cylinder Production Line

1. Powder coating line design
No Name Details
1 Workpiece Gas cylinder
2 Workpiece material Metal
3 Max. workpiece size Φ300×H570(mm)
4 Workpiece weight ≤30kg
5 Braced chain QXT250/50Kg light common chain
6 Machine capacity 2000pcs/12hours
7 Hanging type One cylinder every two pitch, that means one cylinder per 500mm.
8 Linear speed 2000pcs÷12h÷60min×0.5m/hang=1.4m/min
9 Heating source Nature gas(LPG)
10 Location area See layout drawing, beam bottom height 8.5 meters

2. Process flow diagram
This line consists of powder coating chamber, booth, curing bake, suspend conveyor and electric control system.
No Name Transit time Working temperature Operation
1 Loading RT Manual
2 Powder coating RT Auto+manual
3 baking 17-18min 180-190ºC Heated air circle
4 cooling 20min
5 unloading Manual

3. Curing bake
The drying tunnel consists of three parts: drying tunnel. Heating system and exhaust system.
3.1 Drying tunnel
No Name Technical parameter
1 Overall structure Bridge type
2 No of tunnels 4
3 Size of the inner tunnel L14×W3.2×H2.1(m). Leg height 2.5meters
4 Thickness of the insulation 150mm
5 Material of the insulation High quality rock wool board
6 Unit weight of the insulation 100Kg/m3
7 Material of the inner plate δ0.8 galvanized steel sheet
8 Metarial of the outer plate δ0.8 color sheet
9 Structure of inner and outer plate Assembly structure
10 Material of the inner angle plate δ1 galvanized steel sheet
11 Material of the outer angle plate δ3 hot-rolled sheet with paint
12 Supporter material of the tunnel δ3 carbon steel sheet, edgefold with paint
13 Outer temperature of the tunnel Lower than environment temperature 15ºC
14 Inner temperature of the tunnel 180ºC
15 Drain cracking-off Top of the tunnel

3.2. heating system: consists of heating chamber, burner, heated air recycling fan, return airway and temperature control system.
(1)heating room: an access door is on the side of the heating chamber for future repairing.
No Name Technical parameter
1 Position and number of heating room Bottom of the bake tunnel, 1 set
2 Heating room configuration 300000 calories, 1 set
3 Inner plate of the heating room Galvanized steel, δ1
4 Outer plate of the heating room Cold-roll steel sheet, δ1.5
5 Thickness of the insulation 150mm
6 Material of the insulation High quality rock wool board
7 Unit weight of the insulation 100Kg/m3
8 Material of the inner angle plate δ1 galvanized steel sheet
9 Material of the outer angle plate δ3 hot-rolled sheet with paint
10 Supporter material of the tunnel δ3 carbon steel sheet, edgefold with paint
11 Structure of inner and outer plate Assembly structure

(2) burner
1 set, 300000 calories
Gas consumption: 10-15m3/h
Brand: Italian Riello RS34

(3)burning tank
Heat exchanger is used to transfer the heat to heating room, then hot-air blower will bring the heat to the tunnel. Adopts direct-fired heating, the burning tank is stainless steel with high temperature filter.
(4)Thermal cycling fan: adopts special air-cooled centrifugal fan
No Name Parameter
1 Model GCF-630C
2 Rotation speed 1250r/min
3 Air flow volume 13500m3/h
4 Total pressure 900Pα
5 Motor power 5.5KW
6 Fan structure Impeller is in the heating room
7 Insulation thickness 150mm
9 Impeller material 16Mn
10 No. Of fans 1 set
11 Fans supplier Shanghai Shuyuan or Kewangda

(5) Air delivery & returning duct
No Name Parameter
1 Hot air recycling Internal recycle, no outer tubes
2 Air delivery type Under floor air delivery
3 Air returning type Under floor air returning
4 Duct material Galvanized steelδ1
5 No of air regulation plate 1 set
6 Material of air regulation plate Galvanized steelδ1
(6) Temperature control system
Drying tunnel uses digital temperature controller to adjust the temperature automatically, it can display and control the drying tunnel temperature in real-time.
The temperature measurement uses platinum resistor temperature sensor.
The drying tunnel temperature can be adjusted continuously from normal temperature to 200°C.

3. Exhaust pipe
The entrance/exit of the drying tunnel on the top equips with exhaust pipe and butterfly valve, it is used for draining the exhaust gas of the drying tunnel.
The material of the exhaust pipe is δ1mm galvanized sheet.

4. Hang type conveyor
Hang type conveyor consist of driving device, tension device, variable-frequency governor, chain, straight conveyor, bend conveyor, temperature flexible conveyor, inspection conveyor and lubrication system etc.
Variable -frequency governor uses Mitsubishi. The speed is 1.4 m/min.
The lubrication system uses automatic oil drop device.
Hang type conveyor equips with 1 set driving device, 1 set weight-loaded type tension device, using frequency to adjust speed.
No Name Technical specification
1 Driving device model QXT-250
2 Driving device quantity 1 set
3 Overload protection for driving device Adjustable safety clutch+travel switch
4 Driving device power 3.0KW
5 Tension device type Weight-loaded type
6 Tension device quantity 1set
7 Turning radius of tension device ≥R800(mm)
8 Frequency converter Mitsubishi 1 set
9 Conveyor chain length 125m
10 Conveyor chain pitch 250mm
11 Hoisting weight of conveyor chain single point 50Kg
12 Production speed 1.4m/min
13 Production speed adjustable method Frequency control(0.6-2.0m/min)
14 Column quantity,material Complete set, steel section
15 Bottom plate quantity,material Complete set, hot-rolled sheet steel
16 Beam quantity,material Complete set, steel section
17 Diagonal bracing quantity,material Complete set, steel section
18 lubrication system Automatic oil drop device 1 set
19 "C" type jig and rotary rack 250 pcs
20 Rotary rack 1set

5. Powder coating system
Using color-changed single grade filter core recycling powder room.
5.1. Technical parameter
Machine type Manual
Max. Hang range of the workpiece
Conveyor speed
About 1.4m/min
Type of conveyor Suspend conveyor
Coating material
Polyester powder and epoxy powder
Color 2 kinds
Powder supplier
Type of coating chamber
Filter type powder coating chamber
Type of powder coating systems
Corona torch
No of powder coating systems
6 sets auto, 1 set manual spraying torch
Type of hoister
Reciprocating hoister
No of hoister 1 set
No of the torch on the hoister 2 sets on left, 2 sets on top, 2 sets on bottom
Suction capacity of coating chamber 11000 m3/h
Required pressure for compressed air
6 - 8 bar , + 0.1 bar
Remaining water in the compressed air
Max. 1.3 g/N m3
Remaining oil in the compressed air Max. 0.1 mg/N m3
Estimated air consumption for chamber
120 N m3/h
Power supply 220/380 VAC, 50Hz, 3L/N/PE, 3 phase 5 wires
Estimated power consumption for powder coating
Approx. 10 KVA
Estimated power consumption for chamber
15KVA -- powder coating chamber
Requirement for operation condition Relative humidity<80%
Ambient temperature< 30ºC
Air speed near the chamber< 0.1 m/sec

5.2. Configuration
(1) Powder coating room
The shell of powder coating room is made of high-quality stainless steel, the side sheet thickness is 1.5mm, the top gate thickness is 1.5mm, the bottom of powder coating room uses metal support structure. Powder coating room equips with the floodlight, luminance is 500 Lux.
The powder coating room equips with a manual spraying opening, it can be used for pre-spraying and repair spraying. The light color of powder coating room and the integration lighting guarantee the excellent working condition, the operators can enter into the powder coating room and clean the room by a extended air suction pipe.
(2)Filter cartridge recycling device
The back filter cartridge is used for splitting the micron powder from the air that is sent by the cyclone separator. In addition, the recycling fan guarantees the constant wind speed of the powder coating room. The material of filtration uses Toray. The air drained by fan can drain into the workshop. Airflow: 11000m3/h, motor power: 11KW, filter area: 165m2, compressed air consumption: 22 Nm3/h.
Filter control instrument is the intelligent control system using cartridge recycling reverse blowing device, it can not only control the pressure of the filter inside/outside automatically, once the pressure reaches the pre set point, the system will start the filter pulse blowback cleaning process automatically, but also has automatic optimize function, with the increase of working time, the filter control instrument will realize the filter pulse blowback according to the optimize process automatically. This system can save the consumption of compressed air greatly, extend the cartridge working life, reduce the manual cleaning number, lower the equipment noise at the same time.
Back filter cartridge recycling device incl.:
1. Back filter cartridge device equips with the shell.
2. Filter device equips with cartridge, fan impulse type filter
3. Filter
4. Clean air outlet equips with muffler
5. Residual powder collection box and vibrating screen
6. Air storage tank

(3)Spray gun
Total: 1 sets manual spray gun, 2 sets automatic spray gun, 4 sets fixed spray gun.

6. Isolating room
The room consists of δ50 rock wool color steel plate + A3 steel compound. The inner plate of rock wool color steel plate is Galvanized, shell plate is color steel plate. The aisle has windows for inspecting. Equip with workpiece in/out copying door and personnel in/out door. The room is equipped with lighting.

7. Electric control system

The powder coating line adopts scattered setting and centralized control.
In every important part of the line, there is emergency stop button, which is easy for worker to operate.
The temperature control of each part adopts digital auto controller. It will show the temperature of each heating point and auto control the temperature automatically at the same time.
The design, model, production and installation of the electric components all conforms with the national standards.
The electric control cabinet has the following features: neat surface, good appearance, reasonable panel layout, which is easy for observation and operation.
Adopts new series components with reliable performance and advanced technology.
There is lockset on the handle of the cabinet door.
The guide wire of the cabinet door is very tidy, the wire arrangement is standard, which is bundled into a bunch, horizontal and vertical emphasis.
If the wire needs go through corner, it will be arc-shaped.
The wires have good connection with each components. The insulation resistance between each wire > 1mge.
The connection between wire and components all have clear mark, and will not wear faded.
Every connector has the mark to show the connection secure.
The marks in the cabinet are uniform with the electric drawings, easy for check and repair.
All the components are from national standard factory or imported factory.
The ground resistance conforms with national standards.
8. Main components supplier
No Main components Supplier
1 Fan Shanghai Shuyuan or Kewangda
2 Conveyor chain Shanghai Qingpu or Suzhou Youxin
3 Frequency converter Mitsubishi
4 Digital temperature controller Fuji or Omron
5 Contactor and button Shanghai Schneider
6 Spraying torch Domestic

9. Power and nature gas consumption
No Name Consumption
1 Electric Hot-air blower 5.5KW
Exhaust fan 3.0KW
Powder coating chamber 15KW
Conveyor 3.0KW
Other 3 KW
Total 29.5KW
2 Compressed air About 2-2.5m3/h
3 Nature gas 10-15m3/h(5-7.5kg/h)

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