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High Quality LPG Cylinder Online Dydro Testing Machine

  • HLT

  • Max.2000mm

  • 250-800mm

  • 2.5-4mm

  • 6kg/12kg/15kg/50kg

  • Stainless Steel

  • 250~800mm

  • 75PCS/Hour

  • Chain Drive Feeding, Cylinder Feeding

  • 320*700-420*1250mm

  • AC Frequency Conversion

  • Auto Online Hydro Testing Machine

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • SGS, ISO9001

  • HLT

  • Wuxi, China

  • 85158000

  • 50000PCS/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Fully automatic LPG gas cylinder online hydro testing machine

High Quality LPG Cylinder Online Dydro Testing Machine
A. Equipment brief introduction

Design and manufacture in accordance with the national standard GB/T9251-2011 "cylinder hydrostatic test method and GB 5842-2006" liquefied petroleum gas cylinder "and so on.It's main composed of water pressure testing machine, roller conveyer, hydraulic pneumatic system and control system, etc.

B. Characteristic and performance

1, This machine is suitable for LPG cylinder pressure testing, 12 station irrigation, water pressure testing, air pressure drainage step by step to complete.
2, This equipment adopts PLC control, can be realized automatic in the process of LPG cylinder pressure test, irrigation, suppressed, unloading, drainage, out of the bottle,, improving production efficiency.
3, Lower part is equipped with a roller conveyer, installation and use independently, also can be used for conveying line.In order to realize LPG cylinder pressure test process, irrigation, water pressure test, pressure continuous and efficient drainage.
4, Adopts the water pump for water supply, water tank, water can be recycled application.
5, Choosing effective suppression pump to ensure reliable of LPG cylinder pressure test.
6, This machine structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, safe, and convenient maintenance, low labor intensity, test quality standard.
High Quality LPG Cylinder Online Dydro Testing Machine

C. Main technical data

1.Testing pressure:3.2MPa
2.Testing efficiency:250-260pcs/h
3.Air pressure:0.6-0.8 MPa
4, Water pressure cylinder model:QGSφ63×280MF1 12pcs
Drainage pressure cylinder model:QGSφ125×250MF1 12pcs
Limited cylinder model:QGSφ80×100MF2 3pcs
5, Pneumatic solenoid valve 12pcs
6, Voltage,Frequency: 3-phase 380V/50Hz
7,Special Suppression head 12pcs,High pressure pneumatic valve:12pcs,Ball check valves 12pcs,Exhaust valve 12pcs
8,Hydraulic test pump model:2DSY-400/10,
9, Roller conveying speed:V=0-5m/s

D. Structure and function

This machine is made up of the hydraulic pressure testing machine, roller conveyer, hydraulic pneumatic system and control system.
1. The water pressure testing machine is composed of frame, water pressure device, the holding device, drainage clamping device, water pump, hydraulic test pump, 1# limit ,2# limit, 3# limit , pneumatic hydraulic parts.Frame panel is equipped with 9 pressure gauge, one of them is precision pressure measuring instrument, used to check test pressure with pressure measuring instrument, the other eight were used to show the actual test pressure and air pressure after the adjustment.
2. The roller conveyer, driven by the motor reducer and gear transmission, to send gas cylinders to set position.
3. Hydraulic pneumatic system: the motor drives the water pump to supply water pressure testing machine, testing water after the compressed air pressure drainage recycling back into water tank.Compressed air through the pneumatic circuit applied to each cylinder, control cylinder action accordingly.
4. The operation control system: the control cabinet of the whole control system, the distribution of each control button on the control panel.Can be realized in the process of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder pressure test, irrigation, suppression, unloading, drainage, and out of the bottle, automatically.

E. Installation and debugging

1, According to the specific situation of the workshop, locate equipment installation (roller conveyer top high above the ground is 400 mm).

2. connecting power and gas source, checking the water pump, hydraulic test pump, drive

3.According to the relevant button, checking whether the parts movement is flexible.

4.Pushing and pull the hand control valve, check wheter the related parts operation is flexible.
5.Sequence of operation:
5.1 pulling out "limit 1", "limit 2", "limit 3" hand control valve stem, "limit 1", "limit 2" "limit 3" cylinder driving "limit 1", send the cylinder to injection area (if transport too long, inching roller" reverse "button, adjustment in place, the same as below).
5.2 Each location of untest cylinders, starting the irrigation device button, water pressure device tightly sealed cylinder;

5.3 Pressure cylinders, open water pump 2 "and" limit 3 "in the peak;
5.4 Roller forward button, irrigation for the cylinder;
5.5 After cylinders filled with water, the water pump automatically shut down;.
5.6 Water pressure device automatically loosen cylinders;
5.7 Reset "limit 1" hand control valve rod, cylinder "limit 1" reset drive the stop lever down;

5.8 Starting conveyor line, sending the cylinders to the holding area;
5.9 Special crackdown on joint tightening up one by one,holding device sealing cylinder, faster plug with a high-pressure hose;
5.10 Starting testing pump, inlet valve open first for pressure pipe irrigation (also called a secondary irrigation water), water inlet valve and exhaust valve automatically shut down after the expiration of the water (secondary irrigation time controlled by time relay KT1, generally for 10 seconds or so), at the same time,high pressure testing pump open, up to 3.2 MPa after electric contact pressure gauge, pressure valve (8) closed at the same time, the holding 1 ~ 3 min (the holding time is controlled by time relay KT2).The holding time, (8 pcs) the pressure control valve and exhaust valve opening pressure relief at the same time;If the pressure valve and exhaust valve cannot open pressure relief, alarm, manual unloading.
5.11 One by one quickly remove the high pressure hose, then spiral out them one by one on joint;

5.12 Insert the drain;
5.13 Starting the drainage device button, the drainage pressure device tightly sealed cylinder;
5.14 Pulling out "inlet" hand control valve stem, compressed air into the cylinders, intake and drainage;
5.15 Gas cylinders after completion of drainage, drainage clamping device loosen cylinders;
5.16 Reset "limit 2" hand control valve rod, cylinder "limit 2" reset drive the stop lever down;
5.17 Starting the conveyor line, send the tested cylinders to the drainage station, behind a batch of cylinders and following up, when checked the cylinder base hit "limit 3" stop lever, conveyor line stop, remove checked cylinders, to complete a working cycle.

1. The functions of two pcs of time relays
1.1 KT1 time relay is specially used to control the secondary watering time (i.e. the opening interval time of the water supply valve and the pressure test pump).
1.2 KT2 time relay is used to control the pressure holding time.
2. "Limit 1" and "Limit 2" cylinders are at the working status only when it starts up to work (i.e. it is at working status).
3. Adjust the steel cylinder to the determined position:
3.1 The lower structures of watering and draining out compact units have the forced positioning function, which can remove the error on a certain range.
3.2 There is two pcs of guard rails at rear and front of machine so that the cylinder goes ahead without deviation.

F. Matter Need Attention

1. Ensure the power supply and the gas supply smooth, prohibit to drive the motor in reversal so as to damage the components.
2. We prepare the 2-2.5M3 compression air storage tank to ensure the gas supply pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa. The main pipe and its interface of air inlet pipe should be more than G1", ensure the gas supply flowing volume is enough.
3. Keep water clear in water tank, without any dirty, without any float sundries. If there is, remove the float drifting sundries, in case it blocks the pipeline and effect the normal test.
4. Add 20# machinery oil onto the standard level for reducer, often check it.
5. Before shift over, pls press the "stop" button, cut off the power supply and gas supply.
6. There is safety protection for earthing in machine.
7. If you find there is abnormal on the indication of pressure-proof test actual pressure measuring meter when you start up the first batch gas cylinder testing every day, please calibrate it by the precision pressure measuring meter.
8. When equipment runs normally, pls close tightly the valve access to the precision pressure measuring meter (i.e. the calibration valve, also named as pressure meter switch).


1. Add 20# machinery oil to lubricate the both side sliding blocks of pressure test pump for each shift. Add the 20# machinery oil into the reducer tank and the driving reducer meeting to requirement. After 36 hours, change one time. Then change oil one time for each 500 hours.
2. Ensure the equipment is clear without any dirty. If the pressure test pump is not used for long term, pls add the anti-corrosion water. After 3~5 minutes when start up machine, pls drain out the water storage in pipe of machine.
3. Pls add the 22# steam machinery oil into the triple oil forge device, and clean up the air filtration water piling. Add the oil into the roller table both side bearings twice for each working shift, ensure its lubrication.
4. Calibrate the pressure meter as stipulation.

High Quality LPG Cylinder Online Dydro Testing Machine
LPG cylinder manufacturing equipment
Q: What size of LPG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 6kg, 12kg,15kgs and 50kgs LPG cylinder for cooking and other size according customers' requirement.
Q: Can you design machines according LPG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.
Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing

We need to know following information to quote you correct machineries:

1.Technical Drawing of the cylinders you want to make?
2.What size of cylinder you want to produce?(6kg, 12kg)
3.What diameter and thickness of the cylinder you want to make?
4.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
5.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?


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