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Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@

  • HLT

  • 20-280mm Touch Screen Auotomatic Strip Butt Weldi

  • Srtip Butt Welding

  • New

  • PLC, Gear

  • 160kVA

  • 1 Year

  • 380V

  • T/T

  • High Safety Level

  • Customized

  • 85%

  • Sea Worthy Package

  • ISO

  • HLT

  • China, Jiangsu

  • 8515319000

  • 100 Set/Month

  • US$ 2/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Fully Automatic Butt Welder made in China
Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@

This machine is good for welding metal Strip, our company can provide many machines according to your material and working process
Pneumatic shear welding thickness 0.7-2.2mm, welding width 20-280mm
Features of touch screen servo motor:
1. Save labor, ordinary workers can operate, and one person can complete it. Save the cost of high-paid welders.
2. Welding is smooth without polishing and without burrs. With compressed gas as power, work is convenient, quick and time-saving.
3. Parallel to the base material, no bulge, no scraping of the magnetic rod, no damage to the unit, high strength of the strip after welding, and can be used as a finished pipe. Reduce the appearance of diodes, reduce costs, and increase yield.


Our machine is use for CPL,CAPL,CCL,CGL,TCM,PL-TCM,EDL,RCL,

Overlap welder, Arc welder, Spot welder, Flash butt welder, Laser welder
Product JTD-Q260 Shearing and welding machine
Effective cutting weld length 20<280mm (Can be Customized)
Positive and negative welding bead gas protection Front protection device
Applicable workpiece thickness 0.7-2.2mm
Welding speed range 0-1500mm/min
Walking accuracy 0.10mm
Cylinder shear or cylinder shear 0.1-8.0MPA
power supply 380v AC
weight About 600KG

4.Detailed Pictures of Butt Welding Machine
PLC control with touch screen
Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@
The width of the strip and the accuracy of walking are directly input to the screen, and the operation is simple by digital control. The touch screen film only needs an emergency stop switch and does not require too many buttons. After the touch screen is set, it can be rotated so that the strip will not damage the screen to protect the screen.
Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@
Shearing compression is made of abrasive springs, which guarantees no deformation after 300,000 compressions. The shearing knife is a combination of three-sided knives, made of CY12 or molybdenum vanadium, and the service life can reach more than 5 years.

Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@
High-precision ball screws are used for welding walking, and bidirectional ball bearings are used for walking guidance to make welding more stable and accurate. Welding compaction adopts red copper plate compaction thickness of 8mm thick, flat grinding process to keep the plate flat and ensure good welding effect.
Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@
With 4 pedals, it is safer and more user-friendly to use. Welding only needs to be operated with feet, without operation on the touch screen. Manual operation of the strip on the touch screen is easy to scratch the operator, and the use of foot welding to improve the safety factor is easier to operate.

Finished Prodcut
Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@

Company Profile

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of Strip Butt welding equipment (0.5mm - 5 mm Thickness ) Due to highly automatic, simple operation, welding strength and service life with the same stainless steel and plate, is widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, machinery, stainless steel products and other industries.
Fully Automatic Butt Welder Made in China@

1. The Thickness of Strip.
2. The Width of Strip.
3. The Material of strip, galvanized steel or painted steel,etc..
4. It would be better if you tell me whether the strip is processed before. such as Pickling, galvanizing.


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