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Fire extinguisher bottom pressing machine

This machine is designed for pressing the bottom of fire extinguisher.

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Product Description

Bottom pressing machine

1. The max pressure for bottom pressing: 150Ton

2. The max traveling distance for bottom pressing: 150mm

3. Main structures: the bottom pressing machine consists of the main frame, inner mould driving

and reversing device, auxiliary tightening device, rotating V-frame etc...

4. Main features: machine main body adopts 4-column structure; the moulds are made from

3Cr2W8V; different sizes of cylinder requires different thickness V-frame, sleeves, and inner and outer mould.

5. The max length of the tube can be 1250mm.

The main structure can be seen as above. The machine is used to press the bottom after the bottom is formed. Working process: workpiece will enter the V-frame from last process, mandrel pushing cylinder will push the workpiece to the front by pushing the mandrel, the slide actuating cylinder push the gate to the opening of the mandrel, after that, the oil cylinder push slide block to drive the out-die work,and return after forming the bottom. slide actuating cylinder make the gate open,mandrel-push&pull-cylinder drive the mandrel to reset,then the flip cylinder rise up ,the flip V-rack flips through the flip hinge frame,the last,the workpiece is sent to the feeding rack.


Finished cylinder sample

Bottom pressing



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