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Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

  • LTM

  • Automatic

  • New

  • Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

  • 571.5mm

  • 895mm

  • 6000*4320*4000 mm

  • SUS 304

  • 200 PCS/Hour

  • PLC Control

  • Three Colors Painting

  • American Nordson

  • Stepping Conveying

  • 380V/220V/Can Be Customized

  • Water Curtain + Spray + Water Vapor Separator

  • 45 Days

  • T/T, LC

  • Nature Gas, LPG

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • ISO9001

  • HLT

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu

  • 8479400000

  • 500 Units/Year

  • US$ 1/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System
Main Specification:
Dimension 6000*4320*4000mm
Material the structure is carbon steel; the sink, water curtain, Water vapor separation room is ss304
Purification method Water curtain + shower + water vapor separator;
solvent volatile gas is sent to the atmosphere
Pinch form Two sets of fully enclosed steel drum rotating machines
with four supporting wheels; one set of lifting rotating machine
Sprayer 1. Europe Airless spraying machine: 3 sets;
2. Ou Naishi spray gun: ZPQ 23;
3.Nozzles: 23, using the products of American Spray System Co.,
4 of them use Nordson products.
Spraying method Three-color vertical spraying
Production capacity 200 pcs/hour
PLC control cabinet Use PLC to control spraying and transmission
Conveying method Stepping

Machine Pictures

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Finished drums after painting
Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Drum Painting Spray Booth

The painting room is mainly composed of the main body of the painting room, the rotating and stepping conveying mechanism for the painting, the paint supply system and the electrical control system.

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Painting Booth

During the spraying process, when the paint mist mixed in the air hits the water curtain, the paint mist is washed, and the water curtain on the water curtain is turned by the venturi principle through the effect of the exhaust fan, so that the paint mist and water mist are fully mixed. Then, the air and water are separated by spraying and baffling secondary filtration, thereby reducing the moisture in the air, giving the operator a clean working environment, and the purification rate of paint mist can reach more than 90%.

After filtering, the paint mist flows into the water tank and floats on the water surface by condensing together in the water tank to facilitate cleaning. The water curtain spray booth adopts side air extraction structure, which has high dust removal efficiency, uniform spray, small water consumption, and covers an area small.

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Certificate & Patent

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Related Drum Making Machine

Steel drum Drying Oven

The paint drying room has the function of drying the coating on the surface of the steel barrel. The drying temperature in the drying tunnel must be uniform and equipped with a hot air circulation system and a diversion system. It consists of the following parts: front conveying device, front transmission device, drying tunnel body, main conveying chain, hot air duct, heating system, rear exhaust device, cooling device, rear transmission device, rear conveying device, electrical control system, pneumatic system, Exhaust duct part.

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

- Length of drying tunnel: 20 meters
- Cooling length: 4 meters
- Inside width of drying tunnel: 1100mm
- Height inside drying tunnel: 1800mm
- Conveying form: single-row bucket, vertical, using C2080 double-pitch standard conveying chain. - Steel barrel specifications: φ570 * 930mm
- Production capacity: 100 pcs / hour (adjustable running speed),
- Working temperature: 120°C -180°C adjustable
- Drying time: 15 minutes (according to the drying temperature of the coating process)
- Fuel type: natural gas.
- Installed capacity: 250000kcal / h (according to coating process drying temperature)
- Number of heating chambers: 1 set
- Conveyor line elevation: 820m

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System

Drum Cover Drying Oven
Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System
Customer Visiting

Automatic Steel Drum Painting Booth System


To enable me send you offer for correct machines, please tell me following details:

A: Technical drawing

B: Size of the steel drum you want to manufacture

C: What's the capacity per shift/day?


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