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200L Steel Drum Seam Welding Machine

  • FN1-200-5

  • Product Line

  • 200kVA

  • 380V

  • 526A

  • 50Hz

  • 140kVA

  • 370A

  • 50%

  • 6.8~7.6V

  • 0.5~8m/Min

  • 1.5+1.5mm

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • 4400*1400*2200


  • China

  • 500

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

FN1-200-5 Semi-automatic spot-welder free resistance drum seam welding machine
200L Steel Drum Seam Welding Machine
  1. Introduction
Resistance seam welding machine is the key equipment in drum production, according to the demand of the drum industry, FN1-200-5 has been developed. This spot-welder free resistance drum seam welding machine includes two different options, the micro-computer controller model and the three-phase variable frequency controller model. This machine has a few advantages: less investment and easy to maintain. It is suitable for the drum production line which daily output capacity is around 1000pcs to 1500pcs, also two machines can be combined in one production line for larger output capacity.
  1. Machine name: Semi-automatic spot-welder free resistance drum seam welding machine
  1. Model: FN1-200-5
  1. Rated power: 200KVA
  1. Main Technical Specification
Main parameter description Measure unit Value
Rated power KVA 200
Rated Input voltage V 380
Rated current A 526
Frequency Hz 50
Continuous Power KVA 140
Continuous Current A 370
Load Cycle % 50
Subprime no-load voltage V 6.8~7.6
Secondary voltage regulating series 2
Adjustable welding speed m/min 0.5~8
Rated welding thickness of weldment mm 1.5+1.5
Overlap Width mm 3.5~4
Extension elongation of electrode arm mm 1100
Adjustable top electrode strode mm 135
Maximum working pressure N 6000
Air pressure MPa 0.5
Cooling water consumption L/h 1300
Motor power KW 1.5
Weight of welder kg 2700
External dimension (length × width × height) mm 4400*1400*2200
Remark: Input voltage can be designed to suit the foreign country standard
200L Steel Drum Seam Welding Machine
  1. Structure Characteristic
  1. Before drum seam welding, there is no need to do spot welding first, after sheet rolling can do Resistance seam welding directory
  2. The operator only needs put the drum into the specific welding spot, the air cylinder will push the drum into the welding wheel to weld, after welding the air cylinder will push it out automatically into the turnover device, then automatically into the next stage production.
  3. Every step is programmed through PLC, complete automatically.
  4. The welder is programmed by PLC, set up 3 welding line, the welding wheel will change position precisely after finish 5 drums welding, 5 drums a cycle, the welding wheel in high usage and move precisely.
  5. Manual wheel adjust is available, easy to adjust the distance between two welding wheels after the welding wheel abrasion.
  6. The machine is using inside cooling system, the upside and downside welding wheel water input are using rotating joint, hard to leak.
  7. The transmission parts for fixing wheel are using bearing structure.
  8. Allocate Three phase variable frequency controller(optional)
  1. Able to save 16 welding standards for user, pre-set up then use it directory.
  2. Every welding standard can set up 2 welding technique, to achieve the various requirements for different spot on the same weldment.
  3. Including the function for current Slow Decrease and Increase, suitable for different requirements of welding technique.
  4. Auto-counter technology, easy to summarise the production capacity and availability
  5. Fault self-diagnosis and self-protection function, for instance: overcurrent, overheat, short current and etc. The machine will stop automatically and advise the operator.
  6. Energy-saving function, three phase power input using the three-phase all controls bridge rectification, increase the power factor, Circuit three phase equilibrium, save 20% energy consumption.
  7. In the welding process, the current can change be changed, to achieve the requirement for different welding technique.
  8. Advantages: high control precision, output stable current, small affection, less splash, quick response for current adjust, good welding quality and so on.
  9. Also can allocate miro-computer controller
200L Steel Drum Seam Welding Machine
200L Steel Drum Seam Welding Machine
  1. Function
Able to weld 200L, 208L and 210L drums (can be customized)

The advantage of Three phase variable frequency controller:
  1. Through inverter switch in the controller, the two-phase input can be switch to three-phase, it can achieve the circuit from two-phase load to three-phase load, the current decrease on each wire and three-phase equalization. For example: if single phase input the primary current is around 180A, if using this controller, the primary current on each wire is around 70A. It can help decrease the load on the circuit and increase the welding quality. Also the micro-computer controller need 952 copper core wire, this controller only needs 502 copper core wire.
  2. By using the large value capacitor inside the controller can increase the welder active power, if the single phase active power is only 35%, for this controller the active power can be increased to 98%, it can save around 20% electricity consumption.

For the other parts on this welding machine, the technical parameters are the same. Currently the all Chinese clients are using the Three phase variable frequency controller. Even the 80% of the old machines which using the micro-controller were modified to this controller.

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