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Cylinder Furnace Ready for Shipment

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Here is the LPG cylinder furnace that we produced for our customer.


Product Description

Continuous cylinder heat treatment nature gas heat treatment furnace is widely used for heat treatment of steel cylinder. The heating of the furnace is divided into two sections. One section is the heating section (horizontal); the second section is the high temperature section (horizontal).

Technical Parameter

1.Application: Cylinder normalizing heat treatment

2.Specification: ISO Standard, cylinder weight:6kg/pc, 12.5kg/pc,25 and 52kgs Diameter of cylinder is from DN200-400mm

3.Working efficiency: 200pcs/hour

4.Entrance temperature: 30℃

5.Cylinder heating temperature: 900℃±25℃

6.The max. working temperature of the furnace body: ≤1000℃

7.Fuel type: nature gas 

8.Fuel calorific value: 8500 Kcal / kg

9.The form of combustion apparatus: high-speed fuel burner

10.Heating quantity and thermal load distribution: 8 pcs gas burner

11.No. of burners in heating section:4 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs

12. No. of burners in the front of temperature holding section : 2 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs

13. No. of burners in the back end of temperature holding section : 2pcs burners, 150KW/pcs

14.Power supply: 20KW, 380V, 50Hz 

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