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Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

  • HLT

  • 0-8m/Min

  • 1.5mm+1.5mm

  • 400-1100mm

  • 360-600mm

  • 380V/50Hz/3pH

  • 135mm

  • 0.5MPa

  • 1300L/H

  • Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

  • 100PCS/8hrs

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • ISO9001

  • HLT

  • Jiangsu, China

  • 844790900

  • 1500sets/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine
Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Machine list
No. Description Capacity
Remarks Efficiency
Outer dimensions
1 Flatting the steel coil into sheet 2.2kw 11-roll, to flat the roll into flat sheet
2 roll the sheet into cylinder for longitude seam welding 1.5KW to roll the sheet into cylinder for welding 3 2000*400*1200 0.25
3 Hydraulic double ends folding and reinforced ring making machine 7.5KW to fold the both ends of the cyliner and also the reinforcement rings 3 4100*1200*1400 3
4 open drum folding moulds
5 hydraulic wave making and W-type reinforced ring making machine 4.0KW To form wave and W-type reinforcement rings 2.5 3600*900*1800 3
6 hydraulic double ends seaming machine Main motor:22KW hydraulical system:7.5KW to seam the both bottom and top cover 2.5 3600*900*2100 3.5
7 Jel injection machine on bottom cover 3.0KW to inject the sealing adhesive before seaming to stop leakage 2.5 1600*1200*1400 0.8
8 Leakage testing machine 70W Cover the drum and input air to check whether there is leakage or not. 3 2100*1000*1400 0.5
9 Shearing machine Cut the sheet into the size you need
10 Longitude seam welding machine seam weld the tube for the size 200,208 and 210L 100pcs/8hrs 2670*970*2170 3
11 pneumatic control spot welding machine spot weld the tube before seam welding for the size 160L till 225L 1 2300*870*1780 0.8
12 The conveyor between equipment
13 lip+bottom+clamp ring for open drum

1. Application: 200L, 208L steel drum welding, special specifications can be designed according customers' requirement
2. Welding speed: 0-8m/min
3. Max. Welding Thickness: 1.5mm+1.5mm
4. Welding length: 400-1100mm

Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine
Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Technical parameter
Model FN1 200-5z FN1-150-5
Description Semi-automatic seam welding machine Seam welding machine
Drum diameter range 360-600mm 360-600mm
Drum length range 400-1100mm 400-1100mm
Max.welding thickness 2+2mm 1.2+1.2mm
Welding speed 0-7m/min 5m/min
Rated capacity 200KVA 150KVA
Rated voltage 380V 380V
Rated current 526A 395A
Frequency 50HZ 50HZ
Continuous capacity 140KVA 106KVA
Continuous current 370A 279A
Adjustable top electrode strode 135mm 135mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 4400*1400*2200mm 2600*730*2100mm
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa
Maximum working pressure 7500N 6000N
Cooling water consumption 1300L/H 1300L/H

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Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Product Show

Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Customer Visiting
Steel Drum Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Company Introduction:
Our company is located in Wuxi National Hi-Tech Development Zone where there are more than 300 international famous companies.
Our company was established in the year of 1994, covering area more than 10000m2 and building area more than 8900m2. There are more than 100 employees working in our factory, among them, there are 10 engineers for design machineries.
We are very strong in Arc welding/Resistance welding, DN series spot welding, FN longitudinal seam welding, HN series circumferential seam welding, multi point spot welding, TN series protruded welding machine, UN series butt welding, etc..Max. power is 3000KVA.
Our welding equipment are very popular for following industry:
1.Steel drum, 100L-225L,i .e.53galon, 55galon,etc..
2.Car/truck/motorcycle fuel tank including diesel, petro
3. Heat Exchanger
4. Radiator of transformer


Steel Drum Making Machine
1. Why choose us as your supplier?
We are most professional in steel drum welding equipment with more than 30 years of experience

2. What can you supply for steel drum manufacturing?
A. Full automatic longitudinal seam welding machine
B. Semi-automatic seam welding machine
C. Spot welding + seam welding machine

3. What sizes you machine can weld?
Standard international size:100L-225L

We need to know the following information to quote you correct machineries:

1.What power supply in your country?
Voltage and power

2. Size and Diameter of the Steel Drum

3. Thickness and length of the Drum
For instance: 0.6--1.2mm

4.Material of the drum
Carbon steel or stainless steel

5.Technical drawing of the drum

6.Productity/daily output
How many pieces you want to make per day?

7.Are you new in this industry, or you already have some machineries there?

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