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Pipe Line External Welding Machine

  • Argon Gas Mixture

  • 6/8

  • 1.4MPa

  • 0.8~1.0mm

  • 500-1000mm/Min

  • 0-900mm/S

  • 1.0-1.4MPa

  • Available

  • Oil, Gas

  • External Automatic Welding Machine for Oil and Gas

  • with/Without Built-in Wire Feeder, Full Parameter

  • Trolley, Gun Head Mechanism, Source, Feeder

  • >DN200

  • Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Low Temp Steel

  • All Kinds of Pipe Spool Welds

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • SGS, ISO, CE

  • LTM

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu, China(Mainland)

  • 85153900

  • 200 Set Per Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

External Automatic Welding Machine for Oil and Gas Pipeline Contruction
Pipe Line External Welding Machine

- Technical parameter

1. Applicable scope: >DN200
2. Applicable material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel, etc
3. Applicable welds: All kinds of pipe spool welds, such as pipe-pipe welds, pipe-elbow welds, pipe-flange welds.
4. Applicable clearance: 300mm (PAAWM-00Da / 240mm (PAAWM-00Db, 00Dc)

Pipe Line External Welding Machine

- Product series
Pipe Line External Welding Machine

- Working principle
1.) The magnetic type pipe all-position welding machine (MCU type) (hereinafter referred to as the welding machine) uses 4 magnetic wheels to firmly adsorb the welding trolley on the pipe surface, The magnetic wheel is driven to rotate by DC stepping motor and worm gear mechanism, so the welding trolley can crawl on the surface of the pipe.

2.) The welding machine uses DC stepper motor + Linear guide rail + ball screw to realize longitudinal displacement of the welding gun mechanism, so as to facilitate the alighment of the welding gun to the weld.

3.) The welding machine has a specfic longitudinal displacement to realize the longitudinal swing of the welding gun mechanism so that the welding gun can swing and weld.

4.) The welding machine uses DC stepping motor + worm gear and worm mechanism to adjust the angle of the welding gun mechanism. The radial displacement of the welding gun mechanism is realized by using DC stepping motor + bevel gear + trapezoidal screw.

5.) The welding machine uses the gas shielded arc welding source, the gas shielded arc wire feeding mechanism and the special gas shielded arc welding gun to realize the gas shielded arc filling and the cover welding. If selected with speific welding power supply (such as: Kembe FastMig M420, X350, Migatronic Sigma Select 400), can achieve the backing welding.

6.) The welding machine uses the action control circuit board installed in the welding trolley, the welding control circuit board installed in the welding power supply and the wireless remote controller (for PAAWM-00DC, importing the welding parameters in U disk whcich edited in the computer into the action control circuit board) to realize the welding action control and welding parameter adjustment.

Pipe Line External Welding Machine
- Structure overview

1. Constituent part:

The welding machine consists of welding trolley, gun head mechanism, welding source, wire feeding mechanism, special welding gun, welding cable, control system, shipping PP box, packing woden case.

A. Welding trolley: Trollet materail: All al-alloy structure, surface color oxidation. Trolley crawling: Adsorbing by magnetic wheel, driving by DC stepping motor + worm

Trolley size: 295x280x180mm (PAAWM-00Da)/390x450x180mm(PAAWM-00Db,00Dc) (including the gun head mechanism, but excluding the welding gun)
Trolley weight: 15kg (including the gun mechanism, welding gun, built-in wire feeder, but excluding welding wire)
Driving mode: Four-wheel driving, DC stepping motor + Worm drive
Number of magnetic wheels: 4 PCS
Magnetic force: >60KG
Crawling speed: <800mm/min

Pipe Line External Welding Machine

B. Welding gun head mechanism: Longitudinal displacement: stepper motor + linear guide rail + ball screw; Radial displacement stepper motor + linear guide rail + bevel gear + trapezoidal screw; Welding gun swing stepping motor + linear guide rail + ball screw; Angle adjustment: Stepper motor + worm gear

Longitudinal displacement: <60mm
Radial displacement: <25mm
Angle adjustment: ±20°
Swing length: <25mm
Swing speed: <30 times/min
Left/right timing: <3 secs

Pipe Line External Welding Machine
C. Welding source: OMEGA 400L standard welding source Migatronic OMEGA 400L; welding process: gas shielded arc welding (MIG/MAG/FCAW); Suitable for welding wire: flux core, solid core (especially for solid core); Backing welding: High performance backing welding source shall be provided.

Welding source parameter:

Input voltage V (50Hz-60Hz)±10%: 3x380
Fuse A: 20.0
Input current (effective value) A: 17.5
Input current (maximum)A: 26.0
Power (100%)KVA: 12.1
Max power KVA: 18.0
No-load loss W: 40.0
Efficiency: 0.85
Efficiency factor: 0.94
Output current range A: 15-400
Duty cycle (100%, 20°C) A/V: 335/30.8
Duty cycle (60%, 20°C) A/V: 400/34.0
Duty cycle (100%, 40°C) A/V: 300/32.0
Duty cycle (60%, 40°C) A/V: 370/32.5
Duty cycle (Max. 40°C) A/%/V: 400/50/34.0
No-load voltage V: 65.0
Level of protection: IP23
Transformer insultation class: H
Grade of insulation of reactor: F
Standard: GB15579.1-2013
Overall dimensions (HXWXL)mm: 420x250x650
Weight KG: 29.0
Wire feeding speed m/min: 0.5-27

Pipe Line External Welding Machine
D. Wire feeder 1: Driving mode: four-wheel driving smooth wire feeding; cable: 3 meters (PAAWM-00Da)

E. Wire feeder 2: Specially-made wire feeder (PAAWM-00Db, 00Dc)

Pipe Line External Welding Machine
F. Special welding gun 1: Specially-made anti-scalding gun (PAAWM-00Db, 00Da)

G. Special welding gun 2: Ultra-short shank gun (PAAWM-00Db, 00Dc)

H. Welding cable: Customized combination cable, standard length: PAAWM-00Da - 12m; PAAWM-00Db - 14m, PAAWM-00Dc - 14m

I. Control system: Welding action control circuit board, installed in the welding trolley

- Advantage (On-site photo)

1. Flexible operation space

Pipe Line External Welding Machine

2. Easy to carry

Pipe Line External Welding Machine

- Welding quality (Detailed display)

Pipe Line External Welding Machine
- Who are we

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of auto-welding equipment (MIG, TIG, MAG, PAW) and automatic welding system integration, as well as related equipment. Due to highly automatic, simple operation, welding strength and service life with the same stainless steel and plate, is widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, machinery, pressure vessels, fire extinguishers, water hearter, enamel water tank, stainless steel products and other industries.
Pipe Line External Welding Machine

In order to recommend you the proper machine, we'd like to get the below info from you:

- What's the pipe size do you want to weld?
- It's better to provide the pipe drawing and welding requirement.
- What's the daily capacity do you want to obtain?

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