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LPG Gas Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

  • HLT

  • 60 PCS/Hr

  • 0.336~1.68 R/Min

  • 104~232 Kw

  • 600 Degree

  • 12600*1240*1560

  • 2000 PA

  • Available

  • 1 Year

  • Available

  • Gas, Diesel, Electricity

  • Standard Seaworthy & Strong Package

  • SGS, ISO

  • Comflex

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu, China(Mainland)

  • 85152100

  • 1000sets/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Technical specification

LPG Gas Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

I. Frequency heating principle:

Frequency heating is using frequency power to change 380V, 50Hz power current into the suitable frequency current by rectification and contravariant. Input this current into resonant tank composed by the heating furnace, to make the furnace coil produce alternating magnetic field, while the pre-heating metal material stay in the alternating magnetic field, the material will produce the alternating current and heating by itself, high hot efficiency and low energy consumption.


Frequency induction heating power factor≥96%, has automatic impedance adjustment function, the performance of energy saving is obviously.

Power output is steady, heating temperature is easy to control, good consistency to improve the heating quality.

Good diathermancy, magnetic field has a good permeability to the metal workpiece, it's not heating conduction, so the temperature difference of workpiece movements is small and improve the products' quality.

Temperature measuring system closed-loop control heating power, the precision of temperature is high.

Automatic impedance adjustment and automatic frequency adjustment function, inspecting system impedance transformation caused by the cylinder from cool to hot during the whole heating process automatically. Adjusting the output parameter automatically and making the whole heating process stay in energy-efficient state, saving more power.

II. Heating process requirement:

9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder production line:

Workpiece size: 9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder

Heating temperature: 780 - 900°C (The heating temperature sets according to the technology demand, adjustable)

Mixed production line heating speed: 14 second/per cylinder

Productivity: 2000 pcs / 8 hours

III. User required equipment power calculation:

9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder production line:

Size: BPS-550 frequency power. GT-9, 14/550 name: 9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder frequency heat treatment furnace.

Power: 550KW

IV. Composition of cylinder heating treatment equipment:

1. BPS series frequency power: one set

Size: BPS-550

Rated power: 550KW

Shunt capacitor: one set (under the furnace)

Power factor: Full power state arrive more than 96%.

A. Advanced control system:

The frequency power uses intelligent control system, it is a new SCR generation control system designed by absorbing the advance frequency heating technology both Chinese and foreign and special requirement for cylinder. The intelligent control system uses line unit design, all working units have luminotrons to display working state, the calculation of control system is processing in the special CPU module. It is reliable, steady and easy to maintain.

B. Adjustable power output:

During the power of equipment is 0 - rated power can be adjusted continuously, increasing the power adjustment output function, the low power of 9KG cylinder operation can guarantee the best working state, to ensure the commutating voltage reach 500V, improve the heating efficiency and save the energy consumption.

C. Complete protection function:

Not only equip with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, voltage restriction, current restriction functions, but also the intelligent protection system has the reliable release circuit while using the over-voltage high voltage, improve the frequency power running steady greatly, and has the over-temperature alarm function of cooling water temperature.

D. Obviously energy saving:

Retain all original functions in the intelligent control system, The unique design of the regulating function of impedance in the working process of the equipment according to the furnace workpiece (charge) impedance changes during heating (the inherent characteristics of the workpiece, the burden is in the process of heating) the working parameter adjustment of inverter power supply, the working efficiency is the highest in the state, so the high efficiency, energy saving, time saving. Frequency power intelligent impedance adjustment function, intelligent protection function is the domestic unique technology

E. Reliable starting system:

Zero voltage sweep frequency starting mode without impact, and the impedance adjustment function in the intelligent control system, making the essence of starting ability of frequency power has been greatly improved.

F: Automatic testing frequency output:

Intelligent control system, testing the change of system inductance caused by the cylinder temperature changing during the heating process automatically, adjust the output parameter in real time, making the whole heating process stay in high efficiency state and saving energy.

G: Simple troubleshooting:

Digital intelligent control system has fault display function, easy to find the fault, you can find the fault of the intelligent system without inspecting the equipment. Easy to maintain.

2. Heating normalizing furnace

It is made up of rectangular copper tube, which is optimized by computer. Aluminum alloy and insulation support, strong, long life. It consists of preheating section, heating section and insulation section

A: Pre-heating furnace: 1 set; length*width*height: 450*700*700mm

It consists of a metal material bracket, an efficient refractory material and a heat insulating material, no energy consume and heavy. Using the heat energy spillover the furnace for pre-heating.

B. Heating furnace: 3 sets (integrated design); length*width*height: 1350*700*700mm

Power: 550KW

Furnace voltage: 750V

Dimension (length*width*height): 1350*700*700mm

It is made up of rectangular copper tube, which is optimized by computer. Aluminum alloy and insulation support, strong, long life. Three sets heating furnace use integrated design, it can heat multiply cylinders at the same time. Compare with old type single cylinder heating furnace, the new design can still guarantee the heating time for each cylinder to ensure the heat treatment quality after shorting the heating time.

C. Heat holding furnace: 2 sets

Dimension: 1400*700*700

It has the advantages of high efficiency, good heat preservation effect and long service life, which is composed of a metal material bracket, an efficient refractory material and a heat insulating material. The heat holding furnace including two parts.

D: Cylinder feeding system:

Consists of structural steel, stainless steel, pneumatic cylinder, etc. After completing the cylinder into the furnace heating and heating into the holding furnace. The method of cylinder feeding into heating furnace is pushing by the feed mechanism equip with the heating equipment. At the same time the deed mechanism on the other end of the heating equipment pushing the annealing cylinder into cylinder unloading conveyor.

E: Operation control system:

Setting heating process (set heating time and heating temperature), automatically control heating temperature and propulsion system. The electric control system sends out the instruction to complete a series of actions, such as pushing the cylinder into the furnace, heating, measuring temperature, and unloading cylinder, to ensure the whole process working as the setting parameter. Process requirements set on the touch screen, pushing the cylinder into the furnace, heating, temperature, unloading cylinder of a series of actions by the PLC control. The heating process parameters of each cylinder are recorded in the touch screen, and the temperature recording data can be extracted through the U disk. It can print the heating process parameter of all cylinders or check some printed cylinders. It can be operated by the operation table printer or print by U disk. During working touch screen display setting heating temperature, cylinder temperature, display and record the maximum cylinder temperature. Display and record the number of heating cylinders. For the occasional unreasonable data can be modified later.

It can also be provided with a heating speed, so that the pushing mechanism can push out the cylinder according to the set speed.

3. Closed loop temperature control system:

It consists of Infrared temperature measurement signal sampling sensor, temperature control system, etc. Reliable, high precision, strong anti-interference ability.

Temperature measuring range: 50~1200°C

Precision: ±1%

During working the heating temperature is set according to the requirement of heating process. When the cylinder reaches the set temperature, the control system sends out the material pushing signal, and the pushing mechanism pushes out the cylinder which reaches the setting temperature to enter the heat holding furnace.

The infrared sensor is installed on the special bracket, equips with protective cover.


A: When each cylinder is heated, it is in the monitoring of the heating temperature control system, the consistency is good, and the heating quality is ensured, and the energy loss caused by the failure of the heating and the defect of the product quality can be avoided.

B: Closed loop temperature control system, can prevent burning, waste, reduce power consumption.

C: Dual control of heating temperature and power, with over temperature automatic power regulation and over temperature shutdown protection function.

Control cabinet

LPG Gas Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

Burner nozzle

LPG Gas Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

Complete LPG gas cylinder production line

I. Machinery list:

No. Description Size&Specis Unit
I Main Equipment
1 Hydraulic Press 500T set
2 De-colier and punching machine for small round sheet cutting from big sheet (material preparing for shell) XL-2 set
3 Material cutting mould on hydraulic press set
4 63ton hydraulic logo stamping machine 63T set
5 Shell drawing machine 200/300 set
6 Shell forming mould LS-2 set
7 Automatic trimming machine QK-4 set
8 End dish necking machine SK-3 set
9 Cleaning machine QL-5 set
10 Hole punching machine CK-3 set
11 Valve Seat Welding Machine HP-2 set
12 Shroud welding machine HZ-1 set
13 Bottom base welding machine DZ-1 set
14 Assembling Machine ZH-1 set
15 Option NO.1:Circumferential Seam welding machine HJ-3 set
Option NO.2:Circumferential seam welding machine Single head MAG set
16 Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 set
17 Hydrostatic Testing Machine SY-6 set
18 Shot blasting machine QYP15 set
19 Spraying line JH-2 set
20 Valve mounting machine JF-2 set
21 Air Leakage Testing Machine Cm-2 set
22 Printing machine ZS-2 set
23 Roller conveyor line m
24 Curve Convoyer m
25 Conveyor line power set
26 Motorized testing pump set
27 Cylinder drying machine set
II Equipment For Accessories Manufacturing Equipment
28 Punching machine/power press 25T set
29 Punching machine/power press 63T set
30 Punching machine/power press 100T set
31 Bottom base hydraulic forming machine set
32 Shroud upper R hydraulic forming machine set
33 shearing machine 4mm*1.5m set
34 Shearing machine 4mm*2.5m set
35 Printing machine GZ-2 set
36 Coding machine BM-1 set
37 Shroud rolling machine set
38 Bottom base rolling machine set
39 Shroud mould set
40 Bottom base mould DM-2 set
41 Bottonm base welding machine set
III Auxiliary Equipment
42 Air compressor (screw) 10/0.8 set
43 Air compressor (piston) 2.0/3.0 set
44 Air storage tank 1m3/3Mpa set
45 Air storage tank 2m3/1Mpa set
IV Testing Equipment
46 X-ray detecting equipment 2505C set
47 Mechanical property testing equipment WES-600B set
48 Burst pressure testing equipment set
49 Ultrasonic wall thickness testing equipment set

IV. Successful projects:

1 .TK Group in Bangladesh

6.AYGAZ in Turkey,
7. Manchester Tank from USA



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