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LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

  • longterm machinery

  • Product Line

  • 12 Ton

  • 250PCS/Hour

  • 6kg, 12kg, 25kg, 48kg, or Customized

  • 2.65-4mm

  • 250~800mm or Customized

  • 25MPa

  • Chain Drive Feeding

  • 0.336-1.68r/Min

  • 12500*10240*1560mm

  • Oil Burner or Gas Burner

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • ISO9001


  • China

  • 84819010

  • 50/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

Introduction for heat treatment furnace

Continuous cylinder heat treatment nature gas heat treatment furnace is widely used for heat treatment of steel cylinder. The heating of the furnace is divided into two sections. One section is the heating section (horizontal); the second section is the high temperature section (horizontal).

Normalizing Furnace

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

Parameter and requirements:

1.Continuous heat treatment furnace: total length for this machine is 20 meters(furnace is 15 meters, loading & unloading holder is 5 meters). The furnace is welded by high quality section steel, the furnace is lined with high temperature resistant high alumina refractory firebrick, insulation layer is made of fiber and other thermal insulation materials. Overall, the high temperature furnace is light and of good insulation performance.
2.Application: Cylinder normalizing heat treatment
3.Specification: ISO Standard, cylinder weight:6kg/pc, 12.5kg/pc,25 and 52kgs Diameter of cylinder is from DN200-400mm
4.Working efficiency: 200pcs/hour
5.Entrance temperature: 30ºC
6.Cylinder heating temperature: 900ºC±25ºC
7.The max. working temperature of the furnace body: ≤1000ºC
8.The temperature rise of furnace body surface is according to China industry standards.
9.Parts of the furnace:
10.Horizontal furnace body: 1 set
11.Loading and unloading chain mechanism: 1 pair
12.Nature gas control system(record containing): 1 set
13.Flue gas and heat exchange system: 1 set
14.Fuel type: nature gas
15.Fuel calorific value: 8500 Kcal / kg
16.The form of combustion apparatus: high-speed fuel burner
17.Heating quantity and thermal load distribution: 8 pcs gas burner
18.No. of burners in heating section:4 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
19. No. of burners in the front of temperature holding section : 2 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
20. No. of burners in the back end of temperature holding section : 2pcs burners, 150KW/pcs
21.Power supply: 20KW, 380V, 50Hz

B: Annealing Furnace

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line


1. No of burning nozzle: 150000Kcal, totally 8 pieces.
2. Working temperature: 700 ± 25 degree
3. Furnace chamber
A.Furnace length: 32.5m, overall length including loading & unloading: 37.5m.
Furnace liner lower part is high-temperature cast structure, upper part is heavy brick or cast module. Between the furnace body and furnace liner is insulating layer made from Aluminum silicate fiber cotton. To ensure the ability of keeping the temperature.
B.Each section of furnace: L2500*W1350*H1450mm, inner hole size 650mm.
C.Out shell is made from angle iron and steel sheets. The bottom is made from steel structure, channel steel, with steel sheets, due to the high pressure.
Between each section of furnace, they are connected by angle steel flange, easy to install and adjust.

C. Frequency Electrical Furnace:

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

I. Frequency heating principle:

Frequency heating is using frequency power to change 380V, 50Hz power current into the suitable frequency current by rectification and contravariant. Input this current into resonant tank composed by the heating furnace, to make the furnace coil produce alternating magnetic field, while the pre-heating metal material stay in the alternating magnetic field, the material will produce the alternating current and heating by itself, high hot efficiency and low energy consumption.


Frequency induction heating power factor≥96%, has automatic impedance adjustment function, the performance of energy saving is obviously.

Power output is steady, heating temperature is easy to control, good consistency to improve the heating quality.

Good diathermancy, magnetic field has a good permeability to the metal workpiece, it's not heating conduction, so the temperature difference of workpiece movements is small and improve the products' quality.

Temperature measuring system closed-loop control heating power, the precision of temperature is high.

Automatic impedance adjustment and automatic frequency adjustment function, inspecting system impedance transformation caused by the cylinder from cool to hot during the whole heating process automatically. Adjusting the output parameter automatically and making the whole heating process stay in energy-efficient state, saving more power.

II. Heating process requirement:

9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder production line:

Workpiece size: 9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder

Heating temperature: 780 - 900°C (The heating temperature sets according to the technology demand, adjustable)

Mixed production line heating speed: 14 second/per cylinder

Productivity: 2000 pcs / 8 hours

III. User required equipment power calculation:

9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder production line:

Size: BPS-550 frequency power. GT-9, 14/550 name: 9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder frequency heat treatment furnace.

Power: 550KW

IV. Composition of cylinder heating treatment equipment:

1. BPS series frequency power: one set

Size: BPS-550

Rated power: 550KW

Shunt capacitor: one set (under the furnace)

Power factor: Full power state arrive more than 96%.


LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line
LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

Our main Equipment:
No. Description Size&Specis Unit
I Main Equipment
1 Hydraulic Press 500T set
2 De-colier and punching machine for small round sheet cutting from big sheet (material preparing for shell) XL-2 set
3 Material cutting mould on hydraulic press set
4 63ton hydraulic logo stamping machine 63T set
5 Shell drawing machine 200/300 set
6 Shell forming mould LS-2 set
7 Automatic trimming machine QK-4 set
8 End dish necking machine SK-3 set
9 Cleaning machine QL-5 set
10 Hole punching machine CK-3 set
11 Valve Seat Welding Machine HP-2 set
12 Shroud welding machine HZ-1 set
13 Bottom base welding machine DZ-1 set
14 Assembling Machine ZH-1 set
15 Option NO.1:Circumferential Seam welding machine HJ-3 set
Option NO.2:Circumferential seam welding machine Single head MAG set
16 Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 set
17 Hydrostatic Testing Machine SY-6 set
18 Shot blasting machine QYP15 set
19 Spraying line JH-2 set
20 Valve mounting machine JF-2 set
21 Air Leakage Testing Machine Cm-2 set
22 Printing machine ZS-2 set
23 Roller conveyor line m
24 Curve Convoyer m
25 Conveyor line power set
26 Motorized testing pump set
27 Cylinder drying machine set

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line
Our company

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line

Our customers:

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces for Production Line


1:size of cylinder(for instance length, diameter, thickness, 15, 50 kgs)

2:material of cylinder(carbon steel or stainless steel)

3:application of cylinder such as LNG(Liquid natural gas) or LPG( liquid petroleum gas).

4:workingtemperature,Sometimes we need to weld copper tube inside the cylinder if the liquid in the cylinder is very low temperature.That's why we need to know the temperature and liquid in the cylinder,whether it is oxygen or nitrogen?

If you can provide technical drawings will be highly appreciated.


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