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Electric Water Tank Girth Welding Machine

  • HLT

  • All Sizes

  • 250-800mm

  • 2.5-8mm

  • <2000mm

  • Siemens

  • 10min/Line

  • MIG

  • 15kw

  • 1 Year

  • Standard Seaworthy or Air Package

  • SGS

  • HLT

  • China, Jiangsu

  • 8515800090

  • 50 Sets Per Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Auto circumferential welding machine for electric water tank
Electric Water Tank Girth Welding Machine

I. Brief introduction
Using magnetic suction manipulator device and three-position feeding and other intelligent devices, workpiece automatically loading and unloading action under the PLC program control, to achieve high efficiency, safety interlock, coordinated linkage, to maximize the equipment operating efficiency, reduce the artificial auxiliary work, reduce labor intensity. While stabilizing and improving the quality of welding, out of dependence for the workers.
Adopts Mitsubishi PLC as the main control unit of the electrical control system. Every action unit of the system are operated according to the sequence of the PLC program, and the related action units are coordinated and interlocked. Pro-face color touch screen man-machine interface, simple and convenient.
Product name auto circumferential welding machine
Water tank length <2000mm
Water tank diameter 250-800mm
Water tank thickness 2.5-8mm
Material stainless steel or carbon steel
control siemens
Application for electric water tank production line

II. Main component part and parameter:
Panasonic YD-500GS special welding source, Tangshan Panasonic
Main technical performance and parameter
No. Item Unit Tech performance and specification
1 Rated input voltage V AC380
2 Phase number phase 3
3 Rated frequency Hz 50/60 (shared)
4 Rated input KVA/KW 28.2/24.3
5 Highest floating voltage V DC80
6 Rated output current A without pulse: DC500
with pulse: DC400
7 Rated output voltage V 39
8 Rated load sustained rate % 100
9 Output current adjusting range A without pulse: DC60~500
with pulse: DC60~400
10 Output voltage adjusting range V 17~39
11 Control type IGBT Inverter way
12 Memory function 50 channel storage*invoking
13 Welding type CO2/MAG/pulse MAG/stainless steel MIG/stainless steel pulse MIG
14 Waveform control function Digital setting
15 Instruction sequence function welding/welding~arc stoping/initial stage~welding~arc stoping
16 Suitable welding gas CO2(100%)/MAG(Ar:80%, CO2: 20%)/stainless steel MIG(Ar: 98%, CO2: 2%)
17 Suitable wire diameter mm 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6
18 Suitable wire material carbon steel/carbon steel flux-cored wire/stainless steel/stainless steel flux-cored wire
19 Preflow time S 0.0~10.0
20 Lag stopping gas time S 0.0~10.0
21 Arc spot welding time S 0.3~10.0
22 Input power supply terminal Terminal block(3 phase, M5 bolt fixing)
23 Output terminal Copper plate type terminal(M10 attached bolt)
24 Dimension(width*thick*height) mm 380*715*915
25 Weight kg 115
26 Enclosure protection class IP21S
27 Insulation class 200ºC(Main transformer: 155ºC)
28 Electromagnetic compatibility classification A class
Cycle cooling tank: supper cooler 30
Water-cooled welding torch: 500A double water-cooled MIG welding torch
Welding wire: φ1.2mm solid core welding wire
Pneumatic equipment: air source treatment triple pieces, solenoid directional valve, air cylinder and magnetic switch adopt Taiwan AirTAC brand.
Electrical accessories: Hangzhou United eagle vision tracking device, Mitsubishi PLC, Pro-face colored touch screen, Omron magnetic switch, Pefun round type magnetic switch, Schneider button, Yongkun motor.

III. Other related machines for water tank production line

1. Bending and locking machine for water tank outer tank

Electric Water Tank Girth Welding Machine

2. Flange/pipe welding machine
Electric Water Tank Girth Welding Machine



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