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Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

  • Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Welding Machine

  • Customized

  • Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

  • 1 Year


  • TIG/MIG/Mag/Saw(Optional)

  • Use for Seam Welding

  • Ar/100% (for Back Protection )

  • Ar / 100%

  • 800mm/Min

  • Single Phase50Hz ,AC 220V

  • 0.3~0.5MP a

  • >1500mm/Min

  • Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel

  • 0.5-2mm

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • According to customer′s

  • HLT

  • China Jiangsu

  • 8515390000

  • 200sets/Year

  • US$ 800/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

High Automatic Electric Water Heater Tank Body Circular Girth Seam Welding Machine for Water Heater Whole Production Line Manufacturer

Welding Process:
Horizontal Type Water Heater Geyser Welding Process:
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line
Vertical Type Water Heater Geyser Welding Process:
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line
Oval Type Water Heater Geyser Welding Process:
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

Machine Parameters:

Longitudinal seam welding machine

Longitudinal seam welding machine is mainly used for semi-automatic welding for 1.0 to 2.0 mm thickness electrical water heater tank .The action mode is tank fixed and welding torch moves. The process uses TIG welding and is equipped with an automatic wire filling mechanism. The equipment is suitable for welding such as carbon steel and stainless steel raw metals. The welding power source adopts Miller Maxstar400, the welding length is adjustable from 0-800mm, suitable for the Ф 340 diameter electrical water heater tank.
Welding process:
welding process is single-sided welding double-sided molding,
Welding speed requirement ≥800mm/min
Welding torch shielding gas: Ar / 100%;
Shielding gas: Ar/100% (for back protection of electric water heater tanks).
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

Flange welding machine

The equipment adopts the combined structure of welding mainframe, welding power source, welding torch and electric control system. The welding mainframe includes vertical structure bed, active head, rotating chuck, lifting tailstock, fixture, welding torch three-dimensional adjustment mechanism, protective mechanism, etc.
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

Hanger welding machine

It consists of bed body, beam guide rail, Hanger lifting positioning mechanism, electric pallet, three-dimensional adjustment mechanism, head positioning tray, electrical control system, operation box, welding power supply and welding torch.
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

Double and single head circumferential seam welding machine

1.This equipment is mainly used for automatic welding of 1.0~2.5mm thickness tank body and heads . The tank is rotated and the torch is fixed. Use double-head mixed gas protection welding method. Applicable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
2. The welding power supply is equipped with OTC500 welding machine, wire feeder, air-cooled welding torch and 2 sets accessories.
3. Tank requirements: length is 300 ~ 1000mm (including end), diameter 340mm, roundness ≤ ± 1mm, the wrong side of the middle body is ≤ 1mm, and the matching end cover mould size is φ340mm.
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line
Item Name Technical parameter
1 Control power supply Single phase50Hz ,AC 220V
2 Welding torch lift stroke 100 mm
3 Input power Three phase 50Hz AC 380V
4 Welding torch manual fine tuning range X,Y,Z±30mm
5 Compressed air pressure range 0.3~0.5MP a
6 Applicable wire specification φ1.0mm ~ φ1.2mm
7 Tank diameter range 200mm≤φ≤500mm
8 Welding speed range >1500mm/min

Water pipe&Sewage discharging pipe welding machine

1. The water pipe welding machine is a special equipment for realizing the automatic welding of the tank body and water pipe; mainly completed by the rotation of the welding torch. Adopt MAG welding method, air-cooled welding torch, power supply adopts OTC400
2. Automatic welding of different size structures can be satisfied by adjusting the positioning fixture.
3 The welding station is designed with a lifting bracket, which separates the tank from the conveyor chain during welding.
4. The height of the wire feeder should be as low as possible to facilitate the loading of the wire spool. The torch cable passes directly from the center of the shaft of the rotary head, and the direction of rotation is always in one direction.
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

Bracket welding machine

1. The equipment is specially used for welding the cylinder body and the wall bracket; the Bracket welding is completed by the movement of the welding torch. Use MGA welding method and adopted to protective enclosure, and the welding power source is placed on the enclosure platform above the equipment.
2. There is a special positioning fixture to ensure the relative position of the wall bracket and the cylinder and the distance between the two wall brackets. The cylinder positioning adopts the V-frame and the pneumatic positioning block. The wall bracket adopts the positioning pin and the limit plate. Automatic welding of different sizes can be achieved by adjusting the stroke of the pneumatic V-frame.
3. The welding power supply uses OTC400.
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line
Company Introduction:

Wuxi Longterm machinery has been focus on the LPG/LNG cylinders and water heater tanks and medium size fire extinguisher cylinder welding since 1978. We are renowned in China and even the world for our leading teacnology. Wuxi Longterm weld has domestic operations located in Jiangsu Province, Sichuang Province and international engineering and manufacturing in China.. We offer our clients solar water heater inner and outer tank, pressure tank, oil tank welding system solution.
Electric Water Heater Inner Tank Production Line

We are professional manufacturer of Electric Water Heater Tank Manufacturing Line
Min. Wall thickness: 0.25mm
Min. Diameter: DN80
Max. Length: L=32000m
Welding machine: Panasonic TIG welding machine
Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel

Electric water heater tank manufacturing equipment
Q: What kind of electric water heater tank your machine can produce?
A: Non-pressurized solar heater, pressurized solar heater, enameling tank, solar panel type
Q: Can you design machines according tank technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.
Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing

To enable me give you correct proposal for correct machines, please tell me following details:
1.Whether you have technical drawing of solar tank or not.
2.Material of tank (galvanized steel or stainless steel 304,316)
3.Thickness of the tank
4.Diameter range of tank
5.Length of tank
6.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
7.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?


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