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Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

  • TIG/MIG/Mag/Saw Welding

  • >800mm/Min

  • Ar / 100%

  • 0.3~0.5MP a

  • 100%

  • 200mm<D<500mm

  • 1.0mm ~ 1.2mm

  • -+30

  • Porcelain Enamel Storage Tank Inner Tank Geyser L

  • Stainless Steel/ Carbon Steel

  • 380V/410V/ 580V/610V

  • 1 Years

  • Automatic/ Semi Auto

  • <=1500

  • Yes

  • Wooden or Steel Box Package

  • customized

  • HLT

  • China, Jiangsu

  • 8515390000

  • 5000set/Year

  • US$ 5/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Double Side Cooler round circle Weld Welding Seamer Machinery Factory for Water Heater Boiler Cylinder

Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank
Double and single head circumferential seam welding machine with PLC and Laser Tracking
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

1.Welding torch is fixed while work piece rotating, welding position is horizontal. One end of work piece is jigged by power headand rotates
2.Two welding torches and two power sources work simultaneously to improve work efficiency.
3.Torch, spindle box and tailstock can be adjusted longitudinally to fit various kinds of welding.
4.Japan Omron PLC is adopted to control the machine to run and speed is adjusted by AC servo, which can improve the reliability of the equipment.
5.Adopts end face positioning and pneumatically clamping mode.
6.Adopts human-machine interface to alter the parameters. The welding time and weld length can be set via this interface. The alteration of the parameters can be input through the touch button conveniently and timely. Parameters can be stored and called.

Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

Realated Production
B: Longitudinal seam welding machine

Longitudinal seam welding machine is mainly used for automatic welding for 1.0 to 2.0 mm thickness electrical water heater tank .The action mode is tank fixed and welding torch moves. The process uses TIG welding and is equipped with an automatic wire filling mechanism. The equipment is suitable for welding such as carbon steel and stainless steel raw metals. The welding power source adopts Miller Maxstar400, the welding length is adjustable from 0-800mm, suitable for the Ф 340 diameter electrical water heater tank.
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

Longitudinal seam welding machine Feactures:
1. Longitudinal seam welding machine is professionally used for straight seam welding of various metal products. It has strong maneuverability, simpleness, convenience and reliability. It has smooth welding, good consistency, high efficiency andbeautiful weld seam.
2. The equipment is mainly used in stainless steel sheet, carbon steel sheet galvanizes zinc steel,cylinder
longitudinal seam automatic welding work.
3. The longitudinal seam welding for the cylinder is docked with the longitudinal seam of the flat plate. It is suitable forvarious welding methods such as gas shielded welding andargon arc welding autolysis (filling).
4. The equipment is consists of longitudinal seam welding machine body, welding power, and electrical control system.
5. The automatic welding machine uses horizontal welding structure, that is, the work piece position is relatively fixed, the torch driven by the motor reducer to move the form of horizontal movement in order to achieve flat welding seam straight seam welding.
6. The welding process control is controlled by the programmable controller (PLC), automatic and manual adjustment
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank
model ZF-500 ZF-1000 ZF-1500 ZF-1500 ZF-2500 ZF-3000
Welding length 525mm 1125mm 1650 mm 2025 mm 2550 mm 3075 mm
Min.diameter φ75 mm φ115 mm φ150 mm φ180 mm φ200 mm φ270 mm
Max. diameter 850 mm φ730 mm φ1000 mm φ1000 mm φ1000 mm φ1000 mm
Welding thickness 0.2-6 mm 0.4-6 mm 0.8-8 mm
Welding speed 150-1500 mm/min
Speed control Stepless speed control
Transmission mode Guide rail+gear and rack
Slide precision ±0.15 mm ±0.2 mm
Clamping mode Key type Pneumatic clamping
Optional 1.analog control;2.torch screen+PLC control;3.American welding source;
4.china welding source;5.others

C: Cylinder Body Assemble welding machine
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

D: Flange welding machine
The equipment adopts the combined structure of welding mainframe, welding power source, welding torch and electric control system. The welding mainframe includes vertical structure bed, active head, rotating chuck, lifting tailstock, fixture, welding torch three-dimensional adjustment mechanism, protective mechanism, etc.
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank
E: Water pipe& Sewage discharging pipe welding machine

1. The water pipe welding machine is a special equipment for realizing the automatic welding of the tank body and water pipe; mainly completed by the rotation of the welding torch. Adopt MAG welding method, air-cooled welding torch, power supply adopts OTC400
2. Automatic welding of different size structures can be satisfied by adjusting the positioning fixture.
3 The welding station is designed with a lifting bracket, which separates the tank from the conveyor chain during welding.
4. The height of the wire feeder should be as low as possible to facilitate the loading of the wire spool. The torch cable passes directly from the center of the shaft of the rotary head, and the direction of rotation is always in one direction.

Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

4. Packing and Shipping
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank
5. After-sales service
1. Installation service and operation training oversea at site
Circular Welding for Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank
6. Company Information
Wuxi LONGTERM machinery is an integrated company which specialize in Water Tank welding machines, solar water heater tank and LPG gas cylinder welding machine, pressure vessel tanks welding machines series with more 30 years. With decades of developing, our welding machine have been applied almost all models in industry. Based on forming types, we provide We offer our clients solar water heater inner and outer tank, pressure tank, oil tank welding system solutions. In past years, we also developed special welding market.As one of our most important products, welding machinery has been entered American market successfully through cooperating with a national enterprise.

7. FAQ:

Q:How can you guarantee the quality of welding machine?

A: we have passed the ISO test,we warmly welcome you and your technical team visit our factory to check the machine before order .And we have one year guaranteed,free parts can be send free within one year.
Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?

A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing
Q:How long is the warranty for machines?
A:Machines warranty is 12 months after receive our machine. in Warranty time,we can provide new free parts for changing.
Q:Can you engineer come to our place to help with machine installation & commission?
A:Yes, our engineers are available to travel to your factory for machine installation and commissiong.
In order to offer you a precise quotation, we need to check with you some tecnology data as follow:

1. What kind and what size cylinder will weld?
2. The cylinder drawing?
3. How many pieces cylinder will weld per day (calculate based on 8 h working hour)?



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