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Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine

  • Comflex

  • Stainless Steel

  • Radial Models(JM Series)

  • Hot Spinning

  • Rolling V Type Belt Wheel

  • Triple

  • Cylinder

  • Cylinder Shape

  • 90 Degree

  • 5500~12500 mm

  • Available

  • Full Automatic

  • 406~920 mm

  • CNC Cylinder Hot Spinning Necking-in Machine

  • ISO9001

  • as Requested

  • Standard Seaworthy Packages

  • 23000 * 3200 * 2300 mm

  • HLT

  • Jiangsu, China

  • 8479300000

  • 1000 Sets/Year

  • US$ 27000/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Product Description

Cylinder CNC Thread Machine LTM Automatic Cutting Machine

Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine

Product Parameters

The machine is suitable for bore of cylinder bottleneck, and processing of radial facing, inside-hole, cylindrical turning as well as threading, which are realized by NC programming. Single station device is adopted for input and output materials (semi-automatic); The workpiece clamping adopts the front top bowl positioning.

Step 1.Radial facing, cylindrical turning---finish the end face by the outer circular knife and turning of outer chamfer

Step 2.Inside hole--adopts lathe processing of inner hole of inner hole cutter

Step 3.Threading --adopts thread tool

The heavy load structure of rectangular guideway with flat bed body is adopted and the lathe-turning part is dully closed and protected.

Flat slideway: applies flat bed made of high duty cast iron HT250, by ultra audio quenching, provides a stable foundation for the high rigidity of the whole machine, realizes simplicity of chip removal and reliability of protection.
Rectangular guideway:The X and Z direction of machine tool adopts rectangular guideway, the width of Z direction guide rail is 70, the width of X direction guide rail is 60, the span of two guide rail in Z direction is 500MM, and the span of two guide rail in X direction is 280MM. Rectangular guideway has high precision of dynamic positioning, sound dynamic performance, well rigidity and greatly improves production efficiency and machining accuracy.
Precision ball screw: the X. Z screw of this machine tool adopts 40 screw in diameter. It adopts high-precision ball screw and high-precision ball screw. Precision lock nuts makes the operation stable and accurate, the noise low and meets the requirements of high precision machining.
Tool post: adopts horizontal structure that has the advantages of small failure rate and high processing efficiency.

Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine
Spindle bearings: The spindle of this machine adopts precision domestic famous bearing,with small clearance, high-accuracy, design of high rigid structure. The spindle assembly is corrected by high precision dynamic balance. Spindle rotation has well accuracy, high speed, small vibration and low noise.
Spindle bearing lubrication: imported grease "Krubo" is used to lubricate, making the spindle lubrication fully in place.
Numerical control system: The standard configuration of this machine tool is GSK 980TB3 system (domestic famous brand) to ensure the accuracy of the operation and to achieve high precision machining.
Spindle motor:This machine is equipped with high performance variable frequency motor, which has the advantages of high speed, strong overload capacity, fast start and braking speed, stable operation and so on.
Spindle drive: Using high precision synchronous belt drive, it has stable rotating speed and high performance functional encoder with constant linear speed is matched with the system.
Centralized lubrication: Guideway of turning position and ball screw pair adopt SLR, with accurate lubrication, thoroughly and reliably. Lubrication cycle can be adjusted according to the actual needs of users. It is convenient to use.
Bearing screw: since rocking screw control shuttle of bearing chute board, it can adapt to different lengths of workpiece.
Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine

Products Show
Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine

Functional introduction:

1.Processed material
(1)Diameter range:104--159
Length range: 300-1150

2.Standard configuration of Machine tool and main Technical parameters of each component:
CNC system adopts GSK 980TB3 domestic famous brands

Other configurations:
Main motor power:5.5KWconverter motor.
Converter motor:z-axis :10M/MIN X Stroke:10M/MIN.
Tool holder: horizontal structure
Maximum clamping workpiece:159
Range of spindle speeds :100-1000r/min
Trailing plate cylinder withbearing and axial feed top tightening workpiece
With dispensing cylinder (includes manual and semi-automatic functions). After processing, push the workpiece out of the inner hole of the main shaft.
The workpiece clamping adopts the front arc surface positioning and the rear arc positioning top tight.
Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device.
Schneider is used for gas components of strong electric box.
Equipped with chip box (standard)
Equipped with atomization cooling device, the cooling effect of workpiece is good .
The processing area is fully closed and protected.
The machine tool is equipped with a three-color lamp.
The color of the machine tool shall be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's standard.
Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine

Packaging & Shipping
Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine
Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine

Company Profile

Wuxi Longterm has been focused on the hot-spinning machinery production for more than 30 years. We own a professional technical team to provide all-sides service. We put ourselves to the development of this industry since establishing the company. With the advanced technology and the mature service, we cooperate with many clients from the worldwide, such as Russia, India, Iran, Turkey, Serbia etc.

Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine
Cylinder CNC Thread Machine Ltm Automatic Cutting Machine



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