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55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

  • HLT

  • Single-Room Feeding

  • Capacity Cup

  • Pressure

  • Pneumatic Lifting

  • Linear

  • Barrel

  • Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit

  • 300kg/Barrel

  • 0.2%

  • 30-120 Barrels (200L)/Hr

  • Maximum Weighing 300kg

  • -10 ~+45

  • <95 (No Condensation).

  • 220V, 50Hz, 1.0kw

  • 0.5MPa

  • 10m3/H

  • Oil-Based Paint, Lubricant, Phenol, Acetone

  • 0.2~0.6 MPa

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • ISO9001

  • HLT

  • Jiangsu, China

  • 8422303090

  • 500 Sets/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

Our filling machine could be customized for different sizes drum/barrel/bucket filling machine
200L large drum automatic lid hole aligning,capping filling line
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

GZM-200 AUTO automatic liquid filling machine
It adopts the subsurface filling method in the barrel, which is suitable for 200L single drum filling; the uniquely designed adjustable pneumatic ball valve and spray valve not only increase the filling speed, but also ensure Filling accuracy; and it can minimize the dripping of residual liquid when the filling is completed; the gas hood can prevent the volatile gas from leaking during the filling process, and effectively protect the operator.
During operation, the empty barrel is placed on the empty barrel conveyor line, and it stops automatically when it is in place. The automatic matching device automatically aligns the empty barrel mouth directly under the nozzle of the spray valve; the spray valve automatically drops into the barrel mouth, the empty barrel is automatically peeled, and then doubled accurately. Fast filling; after filling, the spray valve is automatically raised to the outside of the barrel and enters the full barrel conveyor line. When it reaches the capping position, the conveyor stops, the cap is manually placed, and the capping machine is pulled down for capping to complete the filling.
main feature
Filling method: filling below and above the liquid surface in the barrel (optional);
Pipeline structure: flow components are 316, 304 stainless steel, Teflon gaskets and sealing rings;
Flow control: Two-speed control, through the combination control to control the product flow, once the power is off, all valves are closed;
Anti-drip contact box: made of stainless steel;
It can also be used in situations where the difficulty of equipment is increased due to toxic gases or bubbles. Use environment: explosion-proof area (optional).

Filling machine parameters:
Filling capacity: 300kg/barrel;
Filling accuracy: 0.2%;
Rated speed: 30-120 barrels (200L)/hr (related to the material viscosity and speed);
Weighing device: maximum weighing 300kg, division value d: 50g;
Temperature range: -10 ºC~+45 ºC.
Relative humidity: <95 (no condensation).
Power source: 220V, 50HZ, 1.0kw.
Working air source: air pressure 0.5MPa±0.1MPa,
Air consumption: 10m3/h.
Material interface: DN50 PN1.6MPa (HG20592-97), can provide interface standards according to users.
Material inlet pressure: (0.2~0.6) MPa (related to material properties).
Air source interface: The user provides G1/2 internal thread for quick connector connection.

Scope of application
-Water-based paint, oil-based paint, lubricant, phenol, acetone, edible oil, thinner or various explosive chemicals
150 and 180KG Bitumen drum filling line
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^


According to the characteristics of viscosity, temperature and density of customer materials, our technical research and development department suggests to use the GZM-YCS series automatic flow quantitative filling machine (designed with 2 sub-loading stations) developed and produced by our company to complete the quantitative packing work. The contact material is made of 304 stainless steel, the other parts are made of high quality carbon steel, and all the materials pass through the pipeline with fast loading joints, which fully conforms to the requirements of chemical and oily liquid materials. At the same time, select well-known brand electronic, pneumatic components, PLC touch screen control man-machine interface, high measurement accuracy, beautiful appearance, exquisite processing, easy operation, low maintenance cost, The whole production line is equipped with bucket platform / vertical clamping channel / automatic filling / manual cover / pneumatic cover/automatic separation / forklift handling / automatic transportation production line.
  • Design Index of Filling Production Line:
  • Packaging Material: Chemical Resin
  • Packaging container : 150 and 180KG chemical iron drums
  • Filling nozzles:16 nozzles
  • Filling range : 150 and 180KG Drum
  • Production capacity : 60-70 drum per hour/per nozzle
  • Filling accuracy : ±0.2% repeat filling accuracy
Control system:
Industrial computer PLC control system, electronic, pneumatic integration,
intelligent color touch screen man-machine interface, simple and fast

List of main configuration parts together with machine
No. Name Part Name Specification Type Unit QTY(single set of equipment) Manufacturers
1 Drum loading conveyor Roller conveyor 700-60-2 pcs 5 Shanghai
2 Filling machine Photoelectric sensor E3Z-T61A set 5 Omron
3 Air switch International famous brand OSMC32N set 3 International famous brand
4 Relay International famous brand RXM2LB2BD set 5 International famous brand
5 Proximity switch Proximity switch set 3 Omron
6 Solenoid valve Solenoid valve TGX08 set 5

The double-barrel transfer type palletizing robot arranges and lays the finished barrels on a plastic (or wooden) pallet according to a predetermined rule.
The heavy barrels are output on the pallet, and the forklift transports them to the warehouse for storage.
Drum grab method: self-locking grab,
Applicable drum type: 200L bucket,
Applicable pallet specification: plastic pallet 1300*1300*150 (mm),
wooden pallet 1100X1100X120 (mm), jack spacing: 550mm, jack width: 250mm,
Pallet storage capacity: 12 empty pallets Palletizing capacity: 60 trays/h
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

GZM-200EX Explosion-proof 200L below the liquid surface double-station filling machine
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

It is suitable for liquid filling with foam
Explosion-proof grade EXIABT4/CT6
Filling speed: 50-80 barrels/hour Filling accuracy: 0.1%
The length of the conveying is optional, the standard configuration is 3 meters, and the nitrogen flushing protection and heat preservation can be selected.

Filling method: filling under the liquid surface in the barrel;
Filling type: gross weighing method;
Overall structure: high-quality carbon steel structure, electrostatic spraying
Pipeline structure: the flow element is 316 stainless steel, Teflon gasket and sealing ring;

55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^
GZM-60AUTO-2PT Square barrel automatic filling production line
Product specifications: 20L Barrel Packing
Main functions:
Automatic conveying, positioning matching, automatic filling, barrel collision protection, intelligent error correction, Chinese display and alarm information
System Features:
Intelligent and efficient: No barrels on the weighing platform forbid filling, differential pressure zero-day collision barrel protection, automatic peeling, automatic detection to start filling, intelligent foolproof, fault detection, etc., which can realize simultaneous operation of filling and locking by a single person Operation;
Professional filling gun: Originated from German technology, the five-layer seal is professionally designed to ensure that there is no dripping after filling;
Convenient operation: adjustable packaging barrel positioning slot, positioning is fast and accurate; the system automatically detects barrel positioning and automatically starts filling; the height of the filling gun is adjustable 130mm, suitable for barrels of different specifications;
Accurate and fast: equipped with large and small ball valve groups and two-stage filling guns, four stages of large, medium, small, and trace design, to eliminate the influence of incoming material flow rate changes on filling accuracy, and make filling accuracy and speed leading the industry;

Maximum weighing capacity: 30kg-100kg, minimum sensing capacity: 5g
Filling accuracy: ≥±0.05
Filling speed: 180~360 barrels/hour (depending on flow rate and filling accuracy) Filling head material: SUS304/316 stainless steel
Power supply: AC380/50Hz Air supply: 0.5-0.7Mpa Temperature: -10ºC-50ºC
1. General type/Explosion-proof type 2. Single gun/Double gun/Four gun 3. Automatic locking cover 4
,Automatic palletizing 5. Other customized functions 55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^
Technical drawings
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^
GZM-25 AUTO-2L Automatic barrel filling production line
55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

Our Company

55 Gallon Steel Drum/Bitumen Barrel 4 Head Filling Packing Unit Machinery^

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research of welding technology for more than 35 years, we have strong technical strength, rich experience, and mature team. Our machines have been exported to Europe, Asia, and American with good quality and fame. Our company is specialized in designing and producing complete sets of Auto Drum Making,Filling Equipmen, Auto welding system integrations, and related equipment. Widely used in lines of the aerospace industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, pressure vessel making, water heater making, and stainless steel products. We are developing and innovating new generation complete sets of welding system, we try our best to meet customers' requirements. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory!

Q:How can you guarantee the quality of our machine?

A: we have passed the ISO test,we warmly welcome you and your technical team visit our factory to check the machine before order .And we have one year guaranteed,free parts can be send free within one year.

Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing,fully automatic.

Q:How long is the warranty for machines?
A:Machines warranty is 12 months after receive our machine. in Warranty time,we can provide new free parts for changing.

Q:Can you engineer come to our place to help with machine installation & commission?
A:Yes, our engineers are available to travel to your factory for machine installation and commissiong.

Enable us provide the most suitable proposal for you,please tell me following details:
1.Technical Drawing of the drum you want to fill?
2.What size of drum you want to produce?
3.What diameter and thickness of the drum you want to make?
4.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
5.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?

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