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XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^

  • HLT


  • 0.01~0.02(mm)

  • Economical CNC Machine Tools

  • GS, ISO 9001

  • New

  • Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting

  • 34CrMo4; 35CrMo;37mn

  • 232-406mm

  • 895-1800mm (Round Bottom)

  • 5-12 mm

  • 415V, 50Hz

  • 500kg

  • 90-120 S/PC

  • Above Ra3.2 Level

  • Three-Phase Five-Wire System

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • ISO9001

  • HLT

  • China

  • 8458110090

  • 10000set Per Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

XFP-01E-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^

XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. Overview
The CNC lathe can realize X-Z two-axis linkage, equipped with Guangzhou CNC system, and has all the functions of NC machine tools, such as linear interpolation, arc interpolation, thread cutting, tool compensation, macro program, error compensation, constant linear speed, program storage and so on.
The machine tool adopts integral casting with good overall rigidity, good dynamic performance, accurate motion precision control, stable machining precision and good consistency, and can be continuously controlled by two coordinates (longitudinal Z, transverse X). It can automatically complete the machining of inner and outer circular surface, conical surface, arc surface, end face and other rotary surfaces, as well as turning thread and other functions.
The machine tool is suitable for the processing of accumulators, CNG gas cylinders and the mouth of industrial gas cylinders. It is a special CNC machine tool with good performance-to-price ratio.
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. Applied application
  1. The machine is suitable for the processing of cylinder mouth, outer circle, inner hole, car sealing table, internal and external thread and so on, all of which are realized by NC programming, and the single station feeding and discharging device is adopted to realize (semi-automatic / manual 2 states optional). The clamping of the workpiece adopts the arc contact positioning between the front top bowl and the gas cylinder, and the rear positioning adopts the axial compression of the oil cylinder to clamp the workpiece between the two top bowls.
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
Clamping diagram

XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^

  1. Processing step
Step 1: Machine mouth, outer circle - done by the outer circle blade
Step 2: Machine the precision inner hole - done by the inner hole blade
Step 3: Machine thread - done by the outer thread blade
  1. Processing work-piece
  1. Cylinder diameter range: 232-406mm
  2. Cylinder length range: 895-1800mm (round bottom)
  3. Max. Cylinder weight: 500KG
  4. Processing time: 90-120 s/pc (based on PZ27.8 thread, without hole digging time)
  5. Thread quality and thread processing capability:
Thread processing shall not have defects such as missing teeth, cusps, flat teeth, double lines of teeth, and so on.
Thread roughness must be above Ra3.2 level
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. Machine part introduction:
The machine bed is made of high-density cast iron HT250 with high strength and good shock absorption.
The larger chip discharge port design ensures the smooth cutting of the machine tool. The aging annealing provides a stable foundation for the high rigidity of the whole machine, and at the same time realizes the simplicity of chip removal and the reliability of protection. Low friction resistance, good rigidity, high resistance to vibration and deformation, so that users can obtain higher machining accuracy, faster moving speed and production efficiency.
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. Flat & Rectangle guide rail: The flat machine bed made of high quality cast iron HT250 has been quenched with super audio frequency, which provides a stable foundation for the high rigidity of the whole machine, and realizes the simplicity of chip removal and the reliability of protection, as well as the full protection of the guide rail. The machine tool adopts rectangular guide rail in X and Z direction, and the width of Z direction guide rail is 70. The width of X direction guide rail is 60, Z direction 2 guide rail span 500MMX to 2 guideway span 280MM. The rectangular guideway has high positioning accuracy, good dynamic performance and good rigidity, which greatly improves the production efficiency and machining accuracy. Fast moving speed: Z axis: 10M/MIN X stroke: 10M/MIN
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^

  1. Precision ball screw
The X.Z screw of this machine tool adopts 40 screw in diameter. The use of high-precision ball screw, with high-quality elastic coupling. Precision locking nut, so that the operation is stable and accurate, low noise, meet the requirements of high-precision machining
  1. Blade frame
The blade frame adopts the fixed clamp (4 pcs)
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. Main shaft bearing and lubrication system:
The main shaft of this machine adopts precision domestic famous brand bearing with small clearance, high precision and high rigidity structure design. The spindle assembly is corrected by high precision dynamic balance, and the spindle has good rotation precision, high speed, low vibration and low noise. The use of the first international brand oil cooler for lubrication, so that the spindle bearing lubrication is fully in place. Keep the spindle temperature constant. (the system will alarm automatically when the oil pump of the oil cooler has no oil.) it is recommended that the buyer use No. 2 or No. 5 spindle oil. XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. Rotary plate for unloading the material:
After the processing is completed, the cylinder drives the flap to bring the workpiece into the assembly line (semi-automatic, manual), which is suitable for short gas cylinders and long gas cylinders. The carriage device can be adjusted up and down by manual worm gear (it can be fine-tuned up and down according to workpieces of different diameters), and it can also be manually adjusted back and forth to adapt to workpieces of different lengths. The total length is 600MM, 4 rollers, (the foot of the bed reduces a stiffener)
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^
  1. CNC system and electrical part
The standard configuration of this machine tool is Guangzhou Numerical Control System (domestic famous brand). This system is a domestic first-class system to ensure the accuracy of operation and realize high-precision machining. Machine tool electrical system The electrical design of the machine tool complies with GB 5226.1-2008 electrical standards. The power loop of the circuit has over-current and short-circuit protection, and the related actions of the machine tool have corresponding interlocks to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. The electrical system has a self-diagnostic function. The operating and maintenance personnel can observe the operating status of each part of the machine tool at any time according to the indicator light and display. The main electrical components are imported products, and other electrical components are selected from Chinese and foreign cooperation products to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine tool.

A electric box
It adopts a closed electric box, and the electric box uses a heat exchanger to dissipate heat to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. The electrical box adopts a slot board wiring structure, and the arrangement and wiring of the components are reasonable, neat and beautiful, and easy to maintain. Reserve a certain space in the electrical box to facilitate the expansion of functions.
B Machine control box
It adopts a fixed control box, which is convenient for one-handed operation.
C safety protection
The machine tool has an alarm device and an emergency stop button to prevent various sudden failures from damaging the machine tool. Due to the reasonable design of the software, the alarm can display text and alarm number on the display. The machine tool divides the alarm processing methods into three categories according to different situations: "emergency stop" for emergency alarms; "feed hold" for general alarms; only "reminders" for operation errors
  1. Main shaft motor
This machine is equipped with a high-performance variable frequency motor, which has the advantages of high speed, strong overload capacity, fast starting and braking speed, stable operation, etc.
  1. Main shaft transmission
It adopts high-precision synchronous belt transmission, stable speed, high-performance encoder with constant linear speed function, and is equipped with the system
  1. Centralized lubrication
The guide rail pair and ball screw pair of the turning part adopt single-line damping type, which is precise and reliable in lubrication. The lubrication period can be adjusted according to the actual needs of users, and it is easy to use.
  1. Pushing air cylinder
Equips with magnetic air cylinder, so that the output force can meet the requirement
  1. Machine standard configuration and mainly parameter
  1. CNC system: Two shafts servo control - domestic brand
  2. Other configuration:
Main motor power: 22KW variable frequency motor
Fast moving speed: Z shaft: 10M/MIN, X movement: 10M/MIN
Max. Workpiece clamp diameter: 406mm
Main sahft rotation speed range: 100-450r/min
Equipped with tail top carriage cylinder, axial feed to tighten the workpiece
Equipped with a discharging cylinder (including manual and semi-automatic functions), the workpiece is ejected out of the inner hole of the spindle after processing is completed.
The clamping and positioning of the workpiece adopts the front arc surface positioning and the rear arc positioning and tightening.
Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device.
Strong electric box vitality parts adopt good brand.
Equipped with chip box (standard, with rollers under the box, easy to enter and exit)
Equipped with atomized cooling device, the tool cooling effect is good (2 groups).
The processing area is fully enclosed and protected. (Two-way door for easy blade replacement)
The machine is equipped with three-color lights.
The color of the machine tool is implemented according to the manufacturer's standard configuration

XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^

Item Name Manufacturer Remark
1 CNC system Guangzhou
2 Ball screw Taiwan
3 Tail liner guide rail Taiwan Heavy loading type(65)
4 Servo motor X 10N.M
Z 15N.M
5 Main shaft bearing Domestic brand
6 Main shaft motor Domestic brand
7 Ball screw shaft Japan
8 Blade frame Own made
9 Oil cooling device International brand
10 Relay International brand
11 Relay switch Omron
12 Contactor and other electrical components International brand
13 Hydraulic station Domestic brand
15 Tail top bearing German
16 Lubricated parts Taiwan
17 Frequency converter Delta
18 Water tank Own made

Machine delivery

Cylinder Neck Threading Machin e
XFP-01e-159 Threading Generator of Bottleneck of Firefighting Bottle^

We are professional manufacturer of high pressure seamless gas cylinder production line. We need to know following information to quote you correct machineries:

Q: What size of CNG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 180-406mm,and other size according customers' requirement.

Q: Can you design machines as per CNG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.

Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing

To enable me give you correct proposal for correct machines, pls tell me following details:

1.Can you send me the technical drawing of the cylinders you want to make?

2.What size of cylinder you want to produce?

3.What kind of gas will be used inside cylinder? Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc..?

4.What diameter and thickness of the CNG cylinder you want to make?

5.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?

6.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?


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