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Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Tank

  • s′s

  • Rust / Corrosion Proof

  • New, New

  • Customized, Customized

  • Electric

  • Horizontal

  • Dry Sandblaster

  • Shot Blasting

  • Automatic

  • Hot Blasting Machine for LPG Repairing Line

  • 3kg-50kg

  • 150-240PCS/Hour

  • 310mm

  • 750mm

  • -10 to 40degree

  • <90%

  • >16 Hours

  • 35kw

  • 16tons

  • Standard Seaworthy or Air Package

  • cylinder from 3kg-50kg

  • HLT

  • China

  • 8424300000

  • 20 Sets/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Shot blasting machine
1. Machine description
Our shot blasting machine is especially made for gas cylinder. Using the high speed shot to hit the surface of the cylinder, so that to clean the oxide-scale and make the cylinder surface silver gray and remove the inner stress of the cylinder, improve the surface adhesive force. Meanwhile, we will increase the compressive pre-stress through shot blasting to improve rigidity.
2. Main technical data
No Name Model Unit
1 Efficiency 170 pcs/h
2 Workpiece Weight <50 kg
Size 33kg φ356×1055 mm
12.5kg φ302×570
3 Shot blasting machine Quantity 4 set
Model Q034Z8I
Sands consumption 220 ´ 4 kg/min
Motor power 15´ 4 KW
4 Shot Particle size 0.5~0.8 mm
Material Cast steel shot,wire shot
Hardness HRC45~55
First input About 2000 kg
5 Bucket hoister Lifting capacity 60 t/h
Bucket width 215 mm
Bucket distance 300 mm
Line speed 1.25 m/s
Valid lifting distance 7000 mm
Motor power 5.5 kw
6 Shot slag separator Separator capacity 60 t/h
Separator air volume 1000 m3/h
Separator efficiency >99.5%
Valid separator width 1000 mm
Rotation speed of rotary screen 43 r/min
Motor 3 kw
7 Ventilation and dust removal system Chamber air volume 12000 m3/h
Separator air volume 1000 m3/h
Total air volume About 13000 m3/h
Dust removal type (cyclone+filter drum)secondary dust remover
Dust remover model CLT240
Filter area 240 m2
Main fan power 15 kw
8 Spiral conveyor Convey capacity 60 t/h
Motor power 3 kw
9 Machine total power ~83.5 kw

Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Tank
Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Tank

3. Machine structure
The whole machine structure consists of shot blasting chamber(1 set), shot blasting machine(4 sets), hoister(1 set), separator(1 set), platform, ladder, railing(1 set), spiral conveyor(1 set), shot supply system(4 sets), electric control system(1 set), dust remover system(1 set), pneumatic control system.
A.Shot blasting chamber and sealing protection system
Chamber structure and protection
Shot blasting chamber is welded by structural steel and steel sheet with enough strength and rigidity. There are wear-resisting cast iron protection plates everywhere in the shot blasting chamber to prevent the shot getting out of the chamber. There is also wear-resisting grating plate to prevent the shots hit the funnel.
Top groove sealing
To protect the hook and slider inside of the top of the chamber, we use protection plate and wear-resisting slab, nylon brush to create a labyrinth sealing tape(Switzerland+GF+our company technology). Making sure no spot will come out of the chamber.

B.Shot blasting assembly
Shot blasting assembly consists of shot blasting machine and motor.
Shot blasting arrangement:
This machine has totally four shot blasting machine, the arrangement of angle and position is designed by computer dynamic simulation, then confirm. Trying the best to avoid empty shot to increase the shot utilization rate.
Shot blasting machine:
Our direct-connected shot blasting machine combine the technology features of English SPENCER and American WHEELBRATER. Shot blasting machine consists of impeller and impeller driving plate, orientation sleeve, motor, cover piece, high chrome wear-resisting protection plate, slab, shot feeding tube, bottom plate and so on.
The impeller directly connect with the driving motor , so that avoid spares - transfer belt. Also it takes small occupied area, can be suitable with the shot blasting position.
The features of the shot blasting machine:
High efficiency: reduce about 10%-15% energy consumption, the shot blasting capacity is up to 16~20kg/min·kW.

Valid sealing: use protection plate and wear-resisting slab, nylon brush to create a labyrinth sealing tape(Switzerland+GF+our company technology). Making sure no spot will come out of the chamber.
Quick dis-assembly of the blade: do not need any other toolings, dis-assembly 8 blades only need 5-10 minutes. Since the blades are fixed by the impeller's rotation centrifugal force, so you need to take out the orientation sleeve and impeller before dis-assembly the blades.
Adopt double-disc impeller, very stable, the shot area is concentrated and uniform.
The blades and impeller and orientation sleeve are high chrome wear-resisting material. The blade weight tolerance <5g, largely lower the noise(<85db).
Beautiful appearance and structure.
The inhibiting device is installed on the shot blasting. When we open the top of the shot blasting machine, it ensures the machine will not start to keep people safe.
The whole shot blasting noise depends on shot blasting machine. We also can customize the sound proof box on the machine, also we can directly shield the whole machine.

C.Shot slag separator

Our separator is the most advanced technology in the world, the separator efficiency≥99.5%, adopts technology from Swiss GEORGE FISCHER DISA(GIFA) and American Pangborn. The separator is the key parts of the shot blasting machine, the size of separating area will directly affect the separating.

Components of the separator: rotary screen and winnowing system.Working principle of the separator

The shot slag mixtures will be lifted into the rotary screen by hoister. Outside the rotary screen are the spiral blades, which will discharge large pieces of debris through slag-drip hole. Then the shots, gravels and dust will be spread evenly along the separator, equally pressure on the balance plate. If the shot pressure to the balance plate against torque risen from cutter point < cutter point torque from balance plate, the balance plate will be closed. If the shot pressure to the balance plate against torque risen from cutter point = cutter point torque from balance plate, the balance plate will be free and shots will fall as a think curtain. Because the hopper opening area on the balance plate is fixed, the shot pressure on the balance plate against cutter point torque is fixed also. Only needing to adjust the position of balance weight, it can separate in high quality.

During the process of falling below, the shots slag mixture will do curvilinear motion, driven by horizontal air flow. Due to the difference of the weight and size of the shot and slag, their deflection is different, then they will separated. The dust will be inhaled into the dust remover, broken shot and slag and scale cinder will enter the trash tank, finally the qualified shot will enter the storage hopper and be recycling used.
Range of the separator: To ensure the best separating, the shot diameter is f1.2~f3.0mm, the separating efficiency is ≥99.5%.

D. Bucket hoister

Principle and constitution of the bucket hoister: the machine is driven by flat belt, will unload the material through centrifugal gravity. The hoister consists of cycloidal reducer, upper and bottom roller, tape conveyor, hopper, closed material cylinder, tension device. The feeding hole is connected with spiral conveyor, and the discharge hole is connected with the separator.

Function and structureThe cover of the hoister is bending formed and welded. There is access door on the cover, which is convenient for changing the material hopper in time. When you open the door on the bottom cover, you can repair the bottom driving device and eliminate the obstruction of the shots. When it is working, the hopper on the tape conveyor will lifted up the shots to the top driven by the motor. Lastly, the shot will enter the separator. To ensure the tape conveyor will not slip during the working process, the roller is like squirrel cage, which enhance the friction between the tape and belt wheel, also prolong the service life. When the belt is slack, we can tighten the belt through the tension device. The pulse wheel is installed on the bottom spindle of the hoister, which can monitoring the working condition. When problems occurred, PLC will get this signal and keep the safe of the machine.

D. Spiral conveyor

Function of the spiral conveyor: It will be directly installed on the hopper at the bottom of the chamber. The exit of the conveyor is connected with the hoister. Spiral blades will mix all scattered shot slag mixture on the bucket hoister.Constitution of the spiral conveyor: cycloidal reducer, screw spindle, conveyor cover, mounted bearings. That is a standard horizontal shot conveyor, and is the main part of the shot recycling system.
The spiral blades is 16Mn. The inner and outer circle is drawing by special technics with accurate pitch and size. Can be use for a long time.

4. Electrical specification
A. Working condition
Power: three phase four wire, alternating current 380V, 33Z
Environment temperature: 0ºC~+55ºC
Environment humidity:35~45%(non-condensate)
B. Summarize
The electric system is operated manually, showing the working state and part fault diagnosis function. It has shot blasting cycle timer, can accumulate the working time and how it. The system is very safe with interlocking and self-locking function and emergency stop button.

5. Inspection standard
Shot blasting machine: impeller body radial run-out≤0.15mm, face run-out≤0.05mm, dynamic balance detection≤18, blank running the main spindle for one hour, the temperature will increase≤35ºC.
Separator: After separator, in the qualified shots, slag≤1%, in the dust and other dun-dries, qualified shot≤0.5%.
6. Supply range
No Name Qty Remark
1 Cleaning room 1 Wear-resisting cast steel plate
2 Shot blasting assembly 2 2 American WHEELERB
RATOR technology
Protection plate is high chrome cast steel, Cr≥18%
3 Shot blasting assembly 2 2
4 Electric system 1 Normal control
5 Bucket hoister 1 Cycloidal reducer
6 Spiral conveyor 1 Cycloidal reducer
7 Shot slag separator 1 American PANBRON technology with cycloidal reducer
8 Shot control system 4 Imported Airtac air cylinder
9 Chamber 1 Wear-resisting rubber protection plate
10 Pneumatic system 1 Imported Airtac pneumatic components, air source system, air cylinder
11 Dust remover 1 Cyclone dust remover, impulse filter dust remover, fan, tube, chimney
12 Platform,ladder, rail 1

7. Carried spares
Name Model Quantity Note
Impeller Q034Z8-3 4
Orientation sleeve Q034Z8-2 4
Blade Q034Z8-1 32

8. Other machines of LPG cylinder manufacturing line
No. Description Size&Specis Unit
I Main Equipment
1 Hydraulic Press 500T set
2 De-colier and punching machine for small round sheet cutting from big sheet (material preparing for shell) XL-2 set
3 Material cutting mould on hydraulic press set
4 63ton hydraulic logo stamping machine 63T set
5 Shell drawing machine 200/300 set
6 Shell forming mould LS-2 set
7 Automatic trimming machine QK-4 set
8 End dish necking machine SK-3 set
9 Cleaning machine QL-5 set
10 Hole punching machine CK-3 set
11 Valve Seat Welding Machine HP-2 set
12 Shroud welding machine HZ-1 set
13 Bottom base welding machine DZ-1 set
14 Assembling Machine ZH-1 set
15 Option NO.1:Circumferential Seam welding machine HJ-3 set
Option NO.2:Circumferential seam welding machine Single head MAG set
16 Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 set
17 Hydrostatic Testing Machine SY-6 set
18 Shot blasting machine QYP15 set
19 Spraying line JH-2 set
20 Valve mounting machine JF-2 set
21 Air Leakage Testing Machine Cm-2 set
22 Printing machine ZS-2 set
23 Roller conveyor line m
24 Curve Convoyer m
25 Conveyor line power set
26 Motorized testing pump set
27 Cylinder drying machine set
II Equipment For Accessories Manufacturing Equipment
28 Punching machine/power press 25T set
29 Punching machine/power press 63T set
30 Punching machine/power press 100T set
31 Bottom base hydraulic forming machine set
32 Shroud upper R hydraulic forming machine set
33 shearing machine 4mm*1.5m set
34 Shearing machine 4mm*2.5m set
35 Printing machine GZ-2 set
36 Coding machine BM-1 set
37 Shroud rolling machine set
38 Bottom base rolling machine set
39 Shroud mould set
40 Bottom base mould DM-2 set
41 Bottonm base welding machine set
III Auxiliary Equipment
42 Air compressor (screw) 10/0.8 set
43 Air compressor (piston) 2.0/3.0 set
44 Air storage tank 1m3/3Mpa set
45 Air storage tank 2m3/1Mpa set
IV Testing Equipment
46 X-ray detecting equipment 2505C set
47 Mechanical property testing equipment WES-600B set
48 Burst pressure testing equipment set
49 Ultrasonic wall thickness testing equipment set


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