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LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line

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  • Residual Liquid Removal Machine for Refurbishine L

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Product Description

Residual liquid removal machine for refurbishine line

LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line

1. Residual liquid removal machine
Used for the recycling of residual gas and liquid in the LPG cylinder.
Main technical parameter:
1. Power:7.5kw
2. Gas & liquid separator:0.4m³
3. Air source pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa
4. Turnover period:<30s/time
5. One time residual cleaning time:≥2min
6. Overall size:4700*1500*2050mm
7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line
2 Valve mounting and dismantling machine
Suitable to mounting and dismantling the valves of model
YSP-10, 15 and 50 LPG cylinders.
Main technical parameter:
1. Motor power:1.5kw
2. Drive speed ration:1:30
3. Main shaft speed ration:31r/min
4. Air source pressure:0.5-0.6MPa
7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour
8. Overall size:600*600*1800mm
LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line
3. LPG Cylinder Incinerator Furnace
Used for burning off the paint on the old cylinders and liquid inside the cylinder
Main technical parameter:
1. Furnace chamber temperature setting: <400ºC
(On the basis of meeting the requirements of burning bottles)
2. Workpiece temperature: ≈400ºC
3. Consumption of gas and fuel: Fuel burner type(100,000kcal), 4~5Kg/h·set
4. Power supply: 3.3Kw
5. Speed ratio: 493
6. Overall dimension: 16000 x 1500 x 1800mm
7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line
4. Automatic Hydro water pressure testing machine
Main parameter:
Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Water test pressure: 3.2Mpa (adjustable)
Holding time: 60s
Irrigation time: 90s
Dewatering time: 50s
Motor power: 3KW
Weight of machine: 4ton, 6ton
No. of station: 6 station
Size of cylinder available: 320*700-420*1250mm

LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line

5. Shot blasting derusting machine
QGP400 is the special machine for LPG cylinder surface cleaning.
Main technical parameter:
No. Item Parameter Remark
1 Impeller head Quantity 2 Adopt the technologies from German V+S and America WHEE
Model Q034Z37
Impeller diameter F400 mm
Impeller speed 2900 rpm
Projectile ejection speed 82 m/s
Blasting capacity 2×550 kg/min
Power 2×37 kW
2 Bucket elevator Lifting capacity 70 T/h
Linear velocity 1.5 m/s
Bucket width 170 mm
Total height 5000 mm
Reducer XWD5.5-6-29
Power 5.5kW
3 Auger conveyor Delivery value 70 T/h
Diameter×Screw pitch F250×250
Reducer XWD3-5-35
Power 3kW
4 Shot blasting cleaning chamber Maximum workpiece diameter 400 mm Installation of combined wear resistant cast iron guard plate
Shot blasting chamber size 3000×600×1700
5 Conveyor roller Roller space 300mm Shot blasting chamber adopts special protective sheath.
Using Japan Mitsubishi brand Ac frequency conversion speed regulator to stepless adjust roller conveying speed.
Conveying speed 0.5~2.5 m/min
Reducer XWE3-6-87(sharing)
Conveying length 11643 mm
Power 3kW
6 Pellet separator Separation width 800 mm
Fractional dose 70 T/h
Separation efficiency 99%
7 Dedusting system Total air volume 8000 m3/h
Chamber air volume 6000 m3/h
Separator air volume 2500 m3/h
Dedusting method Cyclone+Filter cartridge dust collector
Main fan model 4-72№5A
Main fan power 11 kW
Dedusting efficiency 99%
8 Air control system Adopt imported AIRTAC brand pneumatic element
9 Electric control system Roller motor adopts Japan Mitsubishi brand Ac frequency conversion speed regulator stepless speed regulation; Equipped with domestic famous brand appliance components; PLC automatic control.
10 Total power 96.5 kW Including dedusting motor power

6. Fully-automatic powder coating line

LPG Gas Cylinder Whole Referbish Line

7. Valve mounting and dismantling machine(mounting)
Parameter is similar as No.2. Valve mounting and dismantling machine

8. Air leakage testing machine
Characteristics and performance
YQ-3 type liquefied petroleum gas cylinder air leakage testing machine is a special testing equipment we designed, suitable for YSP-15 type liquefied petroleum gas cylinder air leakage testing, can be stand-alone operations, and supporting the output line operation, especially suitable for the cylinder production factory inspection. The utility model has the advantages of simple and safe operation, low labor intensity, high detection efficiency and good effect.
The utility model is composed of a roller shaft, a roller wheel frame, a pull rod, a water tank, a lifting frame, a pressing device and a pneumatic control system.
Main technical parameter:
1. Working pressure testing: 2.1MPa
2. Air cylinder working pressure: 0.5~0.6MPa
3. Working efficiency: 120-150pcs/hour(on basis of YSP-15 standard)
4. Overall dimension: 6455×1070×2986mm
5. Weight: 3T

9.The cylinder valve alignment table
The machine is used to align the LPG cylinder valve.
Main technical parameter:
1. Medium pressure air pressure:>2.1MPa
2. Testing pressure: 2.1Mpa
3. Air cylinder working pressure: 0.4-0.5MPa
4. Test medium:Compressed air
5. Working efficiency:>60pcs/h

10.Printing machine
The machine adopts the scraper printing principle, it is suitable
for cylinder inspection center and cylinder manufacturer.
It is ideal LPG cylinder printing equipment.
Main technical parameter:
1. Working efficiency:125Pcs/h
2. Air source pressure:0.5-0.6Mpa
3. Printing cylinder specification: QGB50×400MF2
Bottle cylinder specification: QGB50×200MP2
Pressing cylinder specification: QGB50×100MF1
4. Overall size:1200*800*1220mm
5. Weight:About 200kg

11. Conveying chian

Our services, shipping methods, warranty, payment terms, etc....

RFQ for cylinder production line

Q: Can your machine be customized ?

A: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer specialized in automatic welding

equipment more than 25 years, we have a strong design & technical team,

we can design and manufacture as per your requirements.

Q: How to get an accurate quotation ?

A: Please provide us the detail of the workpiece such as drawing ,daily out put

Q: What's the shipping cost from China to your country ?

A: We can send machine to your port by sea . Customers specify freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.

Q: Payment terms, MOQ, warranty, FOB...

A: Payment terms: 30% down payment against order by T/T, balance 70% before delivery.

Minimum order quantity: 1 set

Delivery time: about 45 days after receipt of formal order and 30% deposit.

Warranty: 12 months following delivery. We offer online service 24 hours all day long, Skype,

Email etc. You can contact us any time, if urgently, please call us.

Q: what's the package ?

A: Fumigation-free plywood case with wrapping film.

Q: Do you offer teaching & training ?

A: Training at supplier's plant.

Q: what's policy for guarantee and broken parts ?

A: Warranty period of equipment is one year, during this time the broken parts and spares

caused by quality can be offered free.



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