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LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

  • Product Line

  • 2PCS/Min

  • 2 Color Once

  • 700*600mm

  • <2g Per Piece

  • 1.5kw

  • 2.65-4mm

  • 3,6kg, 12kg, 15kg, 19kg,25kg, 48kg or Customized

  • 250~800mm or Customized

  • 0.5 T

  • LPG Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

  • Standard Seaworthy Package


  • China

  • 8443190000

  • 500sets/Year

  • US$ 5/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

LPG gas cylinder Silk screen logo printing machine

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

Main Parameters
Printing Machine Size 700*600mm(L*W)
Max. Producing efficiency 2pc/min (include cylinder loading&unloading time)
Ink consumption <2g/pcs
Color Two colors once
Motor power 1.5KW
Weight 0.5T
The machine has included one screen.
LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

I. Main construction and working principle

The printing machine is the special machine for LPG cylinder body printing word, brand and other pattern. combined with frame, pressing plate, press, move and control system. With tight construction, reliable working, good print quality, easier operation, and high working efficiency.
The working principle of this machine is: put the cylinder on the supporting table, press "Start" button, the feeding system will transfer the cylinder to appointed print location and fix, the print glue plate will close automatically, then the print plate will remove automatically, after finish, the press glue plate will lift, the print plate back up, the feeding system take the cylinder out, one circulate is ending.

II. Assemble and adjustment
  1. Put the equipment in level working ground, connected with air source; then adjust gas triple parts, exhaust throttle valve, let the equipment working as below: feeding- press glue plate down press-move the printer-lift the plate, take back the print plate, take out the cylinder;
  2. Adjustment for the press glue plate, put the cylinder to supporting table to print location, the gas cylinder pressed, the glue plate full connected with cylinder surface, and keep properly pressure.
  3. Adjustment for printing location, adjust the printing base and keep 5-8mm distance to cylinder surface, and in the middle and in level.
  4. Adjustment for ink scrap, let the ink blade a little connected with silk screen surface.
III. Maintain and Attention

1. Add lubrication oil for movement parts in time, pneumatic FRL should keep oil to lubricate the cylinder and drainage on time.
2. Keep cleaning of un-print cylinder surface, should clean cylinder surface before print, to protect the dusty influenced the print quality or damage the silk screen.
3. Properly adjust the print ink viscosity in printing, too thin will oil leakage, too thick will ink difficultly, non-uniform coloring.
4. Keep cleaning of print ink, protect the dusty drop to ink or printing, otherwise will damage the silk screen.
5. Remove the print plate after printing, clean the rest ink and clean the print plate, press glue plate, scrap blade, etc. Should clean by soft thing in cleaning, can't use hard material, to prevent to damage the silk screen.

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

Delivery Picture
LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

Other LPG Gas Cylinder Making Machines

LPG gas cylinder welding line machines introduction
We supply the complete welding solutions for LPG cylinder, such as socket welding machine, handle/collar welding machine, base ring welding machine, longitudinal welding machine single/double circumference welding machine et cetera.

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

Comparision between MIG and SAW welding for LPG gas cylinder
2000 pcs cylinders/8 Hours
Description MIG welding Saw welding
Capacity 360 pcs/8hrs/set 240 pcs/8hrs/set
No.Of welding machines 6 8
No.Of welders 3 39
No.Of welding pass One path Two paths
Power consumption MIG saves 40% than SAW
Wire consumption MIG saves 40% than SAW
Auto laser & video tracing device MIG welder has auto laser & video tracing device, SAW welder does not

------ Machine Configuration

Consider different requirements, we prompt two machine configuration Full auto & Semi auto which could be selected by customers to fit for the budget.

Full autoamtic welding line feature

Full-auto welding machine includes socket welding, handle/collar welding, base ring welding, circumference welding, and all machines work automatically, the cylinder halves are conveyed by mechancial arm and chain, this system really saves much labor cost and improve the working efficiency apparently.

PART A:Te mplate full automatic welding line layout

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine
PART B:Full automatic welding line detailed introduction

[Full auto socket welding]

This machine is used for upper cap socket welding and edge welding part polishing.Equip with Panasonic YD-350GL4 welder 1 set, water cooling welding torch 1 pcs, 8L automatic cycle water cooling tank 1 set.The main shaft motor is 0.75KW.Polishing motor is 1.5KW, equip with the grating security protection.

Equip with NO.6 Hydraulic station, 1 set, vane pump, 5.5KW.Setting pressure:Falling 4 MPa, rising 9 MPa.

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine
[Full auto handle welding]

This machine is used for upper cap hadnle welding.Equip with three sets welding torch, 3 welders finish at one time.Equip with Panasonic YD-350GL4 welders 3 sets, welding torch 3 pieces.Main shaft motor is 0.4KW, with the grating security protection.

Equip with No.7 hydraulic station, vane pump, 5.5KW.Setting pressure:Pressing 4MPa, rising 9MPa.
LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

[Full auto base ring welding]

This machine is used for lower cap bottom base welding, equip with three welding torch, 6 welders could be finished at two times.Equip with Panasonic YD-350GL4 welder 3 sets, welding torch 3 piece.Main shaft motor 0.4KW, with the grating security protection.

Equip with No.3 hydraulic station, vane pump, 5.5KW, setting pressure:Pressing 4MPa, rising 10MPa.

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

[Full auto single head circumference welding]

This machine is used for cylinder upper shell and lower shell welding, it adopts seam vision tracking device, automatic imaging to tracking welding seam, welding the circumferential seam automatically, no need of manual intervention.It adopts Panasonic 500GS (special) high-speed pulse MIG welding source.Welding speed can reach to 1000mm/min.It adopts double internal cooling MIG torch, it is suitable for long time welding.It is equipped with Supercooler automatic circulating cooling water tank to cooling the welding torch circularly.

Semi auto welding machine feature

Semi auto welding machines adopt more operators for loading and unloading cylinder halves purpose, whereas this option is economy if the budget is tight.

PART A:Template semi auto welding machine layout

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

PART B:Semi auto welding machine detailed introduction

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

Semi-auto handle&base ring welding machine Semi-auto socket welding machine
Motor power: 0.75KW Motor power: 0.75KW
Air pressure: 0.4-0.8 MPa Air pressure: 0.4-0.8 MPa
Welding torch adjusting range: Welding torch adjusting range:
X: 0-100mm X: 0-100mm
Y: 0-50mm Y: 0-50mm
Welding torch angle adjusting range: ±45° Welding torch angle adjusting range: ±45°
Speed: 60S/pcs Speed: 60S/pcs
Machine weight: 600KG Machine weight: 600KG
Machine dimension: 900x500x2150mm Machine dimension: 900x500x2150mm

------After Sale Service

Timely & Satisfied oversea installation service

We have rich experience for oversea installation and commissioning work, we always send the skilled engineers for assisting our clients to run the machine smoothly and quickly.

LPG Gas Cylinder Silk Screen Logo Printing Machine

------ Our Factory Site

Our strong machining ability

Our hired employees are over 100 for different working process, such as milling lathe, punching machine, heat treatment, grinding machine, cause we make all machine parts by ourselves, we can ensure the parts quality by 100%.

Additionally, with strong manufacuting ability, we can delivery every order on time.

------ Company Introduction

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of auto-welding equipment (MIG, TIG, MAG, PAW) and automatic welding system integration, as well as related equipment.Due to highly automatic, simple operation, welding strength and service life with the same stainless steel and plate, is widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, machinery, pressure vessels, fire extinguishers, water heater, enamel water tank, stainless steel products and other industries.

In order to recommend you the proper machine, we'd like to get the below from you:

- What's the cylinder size you want to produce?
- What's the daily capacity you want to make ?

------ FAQ:

LPG cylinder manufacturing equipment
Q: What size of LPG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 6kg, 12kg,15kgs and 50kgs LPG cylinder for cooking and other size according customers' requirement.

Q: Can you design machines according LPG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.

Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing


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