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How to use LPG gas cylinders safely?

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1. Be cautious when buying gas cylinders to purchase regular canned liquefied petroleum gas. Before buying, pay attention to checking the service life of the cylinder and the inspection certificate.

lpg cylinder(Our LPG cylinders after blasting testing.)

2. Carefully check the sealing ring of the front section of the gas cylinder gas cylinder pressure reducing valve. Before changing to the gas, you must carefully check whether it is intact and used again. Gas cylinders should be checked regularly at the gas supply department. Do not disassemble or repair the pressure reducing valve or bottle valve. If there is any problem, please find a professional to deal with it.

3. Properly place the gas bottle. The gas bottle should be placed upright, and the steel cylinder must not be placed upside down to avoid violent vibrations. Do not place objects on the tank. Gas cylinders must not be near heat sources, open flames, exposed to the sun, or heated by fire roasting, pouring hot water, etc., nor can the gas in the gas cylinder be poured into other gas cylinders. It is strictly forbidden to dispose of the residual liquid in the gas cylinder by yourself.

4. When using the gas bottle to use gas correctly, first unscrew the valve on the gas bottle, and then turn on the switch on the stove. After using up, turn off the valve of the gas bottle first, and then turn off the stove after the fire is out. Do not turn off only one switch in an effort to save trouble. This will easily cause air leakage accidents.

5. Calmly deal with the hidden danger of gas leakage. If you smell a odor, the gas may be leaking. The simple test method is to brush soapy water or washing powder water on the hoses, gas bottle valves, pressure relief valves and other interfaces. If there are bubbles, it means that there is a leak in this place.

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