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Fully automatic LPG cylinder welding machine

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Machine advantages

  • Our company developed automatic welding system completed with automatic laser and video tracing devices with help and support from many famous research institutes with great research and development strength and cooperation from Panasonic  Japan, the famous world's top 500 companies. Our automatic body welding line is patent protected with core technology and filled the gap in the domestic industry and opens up Europe. International markets such as Asia, America and Africa,etc..

  • The company's patented automatic welding system has smooth welding seams, less spatter, strong permeability and fast welding speed. The welded seam is firm, and the X-ray film pass rate is 98%, which greatly improves the product quality.

  • The company's patented automatic welding system has high degree of automation, stable welding quality and greatly reduced labor; on the other hand, it also greatly saves consumables such as welding wire and reduces costs. Reduced staff which greatly enhances the competitiveness of customers in the market.



Auto. single-head body welding machine

  • Welding speed: 360 pcs/8 hours/set

  • Loadng & Unloading time: 20 Second/pcs

  • Welding wire consumption: Save 40% welding wires compared with SAW

  • Power consumption: Save 40% electricity compared with SAW

Auto. double-head body welding machine

  • Feature: Cylinder size: 20, 25, 33, 35, 45, 50 etc.

  • Capacity: 250 pcs/8 hours Welding process:

  • Double-head MAG wleding, with vision tracking device to inspect the weld.



Good quality welding seam



We are quality-minded

Our world-class R&D team ensures that we use the most innovative design and manufacturing techniques for our machines. We also offer professional field installation, commissioning, and training to confirm that each client is delivered high-quality machinery and is able to use it properly.

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