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Solar Water Tank Automatic Longitudinal Welding Machine

  • Longterm Machinery

  • Product Line

  • 2.65-6mm

  • 2mins/PC

  • Mag Welding

  • 6kg, 12kg, 25kg, 48kg, or Customized

  • 00-500mm/Min

  • Footswitch/Remote Control

  • 250-400mm

  • <=120mm

  • Acceptable

  • External Water Cooling

  • Standard Seaworthy Package


  • China

  • 50/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Auto. Linear Welding Machine (MIG Welding)

This machine is used for auto. MIG, MAG linear welding of metal material, such as stainless steel, carbon steel.

Main Application

Effective length for Automatic longitudinal welding machine is 1200mm(or as customer's requirements), mainly applied for auto parts, aerospace vehicles, pressure vessel, medical machinery, building decoration, household application, food machinery, petroleum chemical industry, etc. It can weld many kinds of materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, weldable aluminum alloy, heat-resistant alloy, zirconium alloy, molybdenum alloys and other materials. Clamping and welding workpieces of various structural forms, such as metal sheet, cylinder shaped workpiece, conical barrel, frustum, one end closed box structure and flat stitching joint, etc.

This longitudinal welding machine is mainly composed of the following components: base, the main support frame, clamping table, guide beam, trolley, bearing mandrel, mandrel supporting hook,etc.
The welding workpiece will be positioned between the mandrel pad and two rows of key pressing plates. Each row of keys can be triggered by electrical switch independently, and the compression pressure of key plate is from the compressed air.
Key pressing plate is designed to have a certain ability to swing, this can make the key plates attach to the surface of the workpiece strictly according to its shape. The distance of the two rows of key pressing plate can be adjusted. The pad and back supporting mandrel for this longitudinal welding machine can be disassembled and replaced to meet the different requirements of the customer.

Main Specification and Technical Parameter Solar Water Tank Automatic Longitudinal Welding Machine
Product model 1200
Effective length of the welding workpiece 1200mm
Thickness of the welding workpiece 0.7~2 mm
Material of the workpiece Stainless steel, galvanized steel
Maximum welding speed 2000mm/min
Welding torch pneumatic movement stroke 100 mm
Welding torch manually adjusting range X:50mm Y:50mm
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Control source 220v single-phase

Major components
Equipment Name Model Quantity Remark
Automatic longitudinal welding machine 1200 1 Including base, main support frame, a clamping table, trolley, bearing mandrel, mandrel supporting hook, lifting and adjusting mechanism of welding torch, centering device, plasma welding machine, plasma welding torch, water tank, cooling water box, wire feeding device, pedal control switch

This longitudinal welding machine is mainly composed of the following components: base, the main support frame, clamping table, guide beam, trolley, bearing mandrel, mandrel supporting hook,etc.
Solar Water Tank Automatic Longitudinal Welding Machine
3.1 Back bearing mandrel
This part is usually manufactured according to the type of customer's workpiece. Mandrel provides back supporting and protection for the workpiece. The full length of the top mandrel can be replaced by a copper pad, which provides a good heat dissipation and cooling protection for the workpiece during welding. It can provide a single side welding and double side forming for the welding of the workpiece. The vertical height of the mandrel can be adjusted by the adjusting screw of main support base, in order to adapt to the different thickness of plate welding.

3.2 Clamping table & The main support base
The clamping table will be installed in the main supporting frame as building blocks, it includes pneumatic pipe line(air bag) and key holding mechanism. Air pressure regulating valve, compressed air filter, electrical terminal box and supporting mandrel position adjusting rod are installed on the supporting frame.
This type of keyboard pneumatic clamping is designed for longitudinal seam welding machine uniquely, pressing key has special pressure mechanism, the key pressure finger has the forward force when pressing the workpiece downward, it can automatically eliminate the gap of longitudinal seam assembling. All key pressure plate compress the workpiece evenly through flexible air bag, it cooperates with welding mandrel to provide perfect heat dissipation and cooling protection for welding workpieces. It offers the reliable technological guarantee for superior, efficient welding without distortion.

3.3 Guide beam
Guide beam is arranged on the vertical support column of the clamping table, installing seat with X-Y axis regulating device. The guide beam is provided with a precise rack, so that the welding trolley is driven by a gear.

3.4 Supporting hook
The hook is generally used for manual operation of the rotary type connecting piece, it is installed at the end of the clamping table which side is away from the main support. The end parts of welding mandrel need to be locked tightly by a hook before welding. The hook contains a set of safety switch to ensure that if the hook is not in the place and the key mechanism will not have malfunction.

3.5 The key pedal control switch
For ZF automatic longitudinal welding machine, it is usually equipped with 2 key pedal control switch. It can control respectively for left and right side of the keyboard to facilitate trigger the compress action.

3.6 Trolley driving system
It uses pinion and rack drive mechanism, guiding by the liner rolling guide, car motor with DC servo motor. At the two ends of the beam guide is provided with a travel limit switch protection, in the initial welding position is provided with a non-contact proximity sensor to detect welding in situ, so that each reduction of welding torch position and start of welding position can be in the same point.

3.7 Pneumatic centering device
The pneumatic centering device consists of four bar linkage mechanism, which is driven by the cylinder to extend or retract. In order to provide the reference for the longitudinal welding and butt welding of thin thickness workpieces. It is very easy to complete the welding seam alignment by the centering device. The control of the pneumatic centering device is a hand operated valve in the front of the main supporting base, this kind of hand operated valve is a three position manual rotary valve. When the handle in the middle is closed state, when the handle raised means intake, when the handle depressed means exhaust.

Introudction of our company:

We are professional manufacturer of solar water tank machinery, LPG&LNG cylinder and steel drum welding equipment with many years of experience. We are improving technologies all the time and developing welding machinery market. We provide clients with inner and outer solar water tank, LPG&LNG cylinder, fire extinguisher, and steel drum welding machine and system solutions, including circumferential seam welding, longitudinal seam welding, nozzle welding, jacket layer welding system, etc...Due to highly automatic, simple operation and reliable quality welding equipment, they are popular and well accepted in many industries: pressure cylinders, fire extinguishers, solar water tank, stainless steel tanks, etc...Our machinery have been exported to many countries, such as Russia, US, Australia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Ukraine, etc...We can customized all our equipment according to different clients requirement.

We hope to cooperate with friends at home and abroad to create glorious future together.


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Solar Water Tank Automatic Longitudinal Welding Machine

Solar Water Tank Automatic Longitudinal Welding Machine

Solar Water Tank Automatic Longitudinal Welding Machine

LPG cylinder manufacturing equipment
Q: What size of LPG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 6kg, 12kg,15kgs and 50kgs LPG cylinder for cooking and other size according customers' requirement.
Q: Can you design machines according LPG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.
Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing

We need to know following information to quote you correct machineries:

1.Technical Drawing of the cylinders you want to make?
2.What size of cylinder you want to produce?(6kg, 12kg)
3.What diameter and thickness of the cylinder you want to make?
4.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
5.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?

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