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Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device

  • Comflex

  • Automatic

  • Fully Wrapped Winding Machine

  • Horizontal Winding Machine

  • Mechanical Stretch

  • 200m/Min

  • 22.75kw

  • 2 Meters

  • 7 Meters

  • 400mm-500

  • 2200*1800*2200mm

  • 650mm

  • 750kg

  • 0-35rpm

  • PLC

  • Customized

  • customized

  • Comflex

  • China Jiangsu

  • 500 Sets Per Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Metal strip winding or rewinding machine with traversing device
Product Description
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device

1. Production parameters
(1) The steel strip rewinding machine is to wind the disc-shaped steel strip on the plastic shaft into a roll shape. During the winding process, the steel strip is arranged in an orderly manner, so that each layer of the steel strip is wound flat.
(2) Applicable strip material: low carbon steel material stainless steel material, size 13.6х0.84mm
(3) Design production speed: 200m/min
(4) Total equipment power: 22.75kw
(5) The size of the floor space after the equipment is placed: 2 meters in width and 7 meters in length 2. Configuration instructions
1. Flat tape placement machine
(1) The diameter of the belt disc: 1600mm, the maximum square is 1500mm steel belt reel
(2) Steel belt inner ring clamping range φ400mm-φ500mm
(3) Transmission mode: belt drive, pulley tapered sleeve installation, phosphating treatment, dynamic balancing
(4) There are safety guards on the outer side of the flat disc and rotating parts such as pulleys
(5) Frequency conversion motor drive: 11kw
2. Speed compensator
(1) It is used to adjust the speed matching between the unwinder and the winder
(2) The movable swing arm rotates against the steel belt, and the pneumatic back tension is controlled (3) Box-type structure, equipped with safety shield
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device
3. Take-up machine
(1) The tension range of the inner ring of the spool: 400-450mm
(2) Maximum size of the outer diameter of the spool: 1400mm
(3) The weight of the spool is 1400kg
(4) Wiring method: Servo motor drives linear module wiring, soft limit for reversing position, 0.75kw.
(5) Braking method: pneumatic brake.
(6) Transmission mode: belt drive, pulley cone sleeve installation, phosphating treatment, and dynamic balancing.

(7) Protective cover: The I-wheel protective door slides left and right, and the motor, pulley and other components are equipped with protective covers.
(8) Frequency conversion motor drive: 11kw, servo motor cable: 0.75kw
4. Electrical control configuration:
(1) Adopt PLC and inverter control
(2) A 7-inch touch screen is placed on the take-up machine for human-computer interaction
(3) Special function: By modifying the number on the touch screen, the reversing position of the cable can be changed, and this soft limit control is more convenient to operate.
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device
Place of Origin
China Jiangsu
Brand Name
Machine Type
Take-up Machine
Weight (KG)
Video outgoing-inspection
Machinery Test Report
Marketing Type
Ordinary Product
Warranty of core components
1 Year
Core Components
PLC, Engine, Gearbox
1 Year
Key Selling Points
Easy to Operate
Applicable Industries
Manufacturing Plant
Showroom Location
Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, India
Length of axis
Winding method
cold welding
Decoiler loading
CNC system
Spindle speed
Cu foil thickness
Customer's Requirement
Packing & Delivery
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device
Company Profile
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device
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Team & Customers
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device
Metal Strip Winding or Rewinding Machine with Traversing Device

Enable us to quote you the accurate machine, please kindly let me know the following information:
1. Steel strip specifications: width * thickness?
2. The reel Specifications?
3. Reel specifications after winding?
4. The state of the steel strip before rewinding?
5. The state of the steel strip after rewinding, whether to install it on the spool or not to install the spool?

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