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LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine

  • Longterm Machinery

  • Parts Production Line

  • Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press Machine

  • 6kg, 12kg, 25kg, 48kg, or Customized

  • 2.5~4mm or Customized

  • 250~800mm or Customized

  • 200t-400t

  • 100mm/S

  • Hydraulic

  • 4PCS/Min

  • PLC

  • Acceptable

  • Standard Seaworthy Package


  • China

  • 844790900

  • 500

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine

A. Product description
This machine is a four-column double-action hydraulic presser, which is suitable for the stretching and drawing of metal sheet.
With an independent power system and electrical system, this machine is under centralized control with buttons. It is controlled by PLC, so inching and semi-automatic operations can be realized.
Both the working pressure and stroke distance of this machine can be adjusted as per the technological needs.
LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine

The production line can be applicated in the production of LPG Gas cylinder/tank of following sizes: 6KG /12KG /15KG /50KG or customized.
The warranty for each machine is one year and our engineers can service overseas. LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine

B. Production process

LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine
LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine

Rolling machine Longitudinal welding machine Double head circumferential welding machine

Complete Machines of the LPG Cylinder Production Line:
No. Description Size&Specis Unit
I Main Equipment
1 Hydraulic Press 500T set
2 De-colier and punching machine for small round sheet cutting from big sheet (material preparing for shell) XL-2 set
3 Material cutting mould on hydraulic press set
4 63ton hydraulic logo stamping machine 63T set
5 Shell drawing machine 200/300 set
6 Shell forming mould LS-2 set
7 Automatic trimming machine QK-4 set
8 End dish necking machine SK-3 set
9 Cleaning machine QL-5 set
10 Hole punching machine CK-3 set
11 Valve Seat Welding Machine HP-2 set
12 Shroud welding machine HZ-1 set
13 Bottom base welding machine DZ-1 set
14 Assembling Machine ZH-1 set
15 Option NO.1:Circumferential Seam welding machine HJ-3 set
Option NO.2:Circumferential seam welding machine Single head MAG set
16 Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 set
17 Hydrostatic Testing Machine SY-6 set
18 Shot blasting machine QYP15 set
19 Spraying line JH-2 set
20 Valve mounting machine JF-2 set
21 Air Leakage Testing Machine Cm-2 set
22 Printing machine ZS-2 set
23 Roller conveyor line m
24 Curve Convoyer m
25 Conveyor line power set
26 Motorized testing pump set
27 Cylinder drying machine set
II Equipment For Accessories Manufacturing Equipment
28 Punching machine/power press 25T set
29 Punching machine/power press 63T set
30 Punching machine/power press 100T set
31 Bottom base hydraulic forming machine set
32 Shroud upper R hydraulic forming machine set
33 shearing machine 4mm*1.5m set
34 Shearing machine 4mm*2.5m set
35 Printing machine GZ-2 set
36 Coding machine BM-1 set
37 Shroud rolling machine set
38 Bottom base rolling machine set
39 Shroud mould set
40 Bottom base mould DM-2 set
41 Bottonm base welding machine set
III Auxiliary Equipment
42 Air compressor (screw) 10/0.8 set
43 Air compressor (piston) 2.0/3.0 set
44 Air storage tank 1m3/3Mpa set
45 Air storage tank 2m3/1Mpa set
IV Testing Equipment
46 X-ray detecting equipment 2505C set
47 Mechanical property testing equipment WES-600B set
48 Burst pressure testing equipment set
49 Ultrasonic wall thickness testing equipment set
  1. Overview of machine structure and performance
The design of host machine absorbs the advantages of products of all main manufacturers at home and abroad and the essence of technical produces is introduced. Through the finite element optimization design and industrial design, the complete machine forms the amenity-oriented design style, which emphasizes the overall performance, practicability, durability, high strength and high reliability, and also highlights the modeling and color of the complete machine.
1.1 Machine body:
The body is composed of upper beam, stretching slider, blankholder slider, operating platform and upright etc. The upper beam and operating platform form a closed frame through the upright and nut. The body's rigidity and precision retainability are good. The stretching slider and blankholder slider move upward and downward along the upright; the guide sleeve of upright is the composite copper sleeve to enhance the surface allowable pressure and reduce friction; the upright is made of 45# steel with quenching treatment on its surface.
The upper beam, stretching slider, blankholder slider and operating platform are of the steel plate-welded structure. After welding and high temperature annealing treatment, machining is finished. After polishing, there is neither welding slag nor scar in the weld joint so as to ensure the overall body is flat and beautiful in appearance, highly in accuracy and good in rigidity.
1.2 Oil cylinder:
The stretching oil cylinder uses a piston cylinder, which is installed inside the upper beam; besides, the cylinder body is fixed to the upper beam through flanges; the piston rod is connected to the stretching slider by the connecting flange.
The blankholder oil cylinder uses 6 piston cylinders, which are installed around the stretching oil cylinder. The cylinder body is fixed to the upper beam with flange; the piston rod is connected to the blankholder slider with the connecting flange.
The cylinder body is made of high-quality forged steel with uniform material quality; quenching treatment is conducted on the surfaces of all piston rods; oil cylinders will do high-voltage insulation test(1.1 times).
The oil cylinder is sealed with the imported sealing element so as to ensure the reliable sealing performance, no leakage and easy maintenance.
1.3 T-shaped slot
There are T-shaped slots on the operating platform, stretching slider and blankholder slider; the size of T-shaped slot is the standard size for the convenience of users' mould installation.
LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine
  1. Electrical control system:
Electrical control: the electrical system consists of power part and control part.
2.1 Power part: It controls the main power as well as the start, stop and protection switch of all motors. The tri-star depressurized successively start up is used for the high-power motor. It has small impacts on power grid and strong antijamming capability.
2.2 Control part: the main control console and the moving button station. The main control console can complete the control and operation of all actions of the machine; with high leakproofness, the electrical box can effectively prevent dust invasion.
The main control console is equipped with the operating buttons and function switches of all actions of host machine, the start, stop, alarm, supervision and monitor display so that we can control the working condition of the hydraulic presser at any time.
The moving button station, which is used for the semi-automatic operating, is provided with the two-hand pressing button and emergency stop button etc.
  1. Hydraulic part:
The hydraulic power system, which consists of power control system, all kinds of valves and hydraulic control box etc., provides power to the host machine and realize the control over host machine. The hydraulic system is installed on the right side of the machine body.
3.1 The hydraulic system uses the advanced integrated system of plug-in valve. The valve is characterized by high flow, anti-pollution, flexible control, reliable performance and easy maintenance.
3.2 The working pressure of hydraulic system is 25MPa. The high-pressure constant power variable oil pump is used as the main oil pump. The stretching cylinder and blankholder cylinder share one pump set and are distributed with flow reasonably according to the technological needs. The hydraulic system is equipped with an overload protection device.
3.3 The oil tank adopts a welding structure with steel plate, is equipped with oil level indicator and air filter etc. During installation, the oil tank shall undergo pickling, passivation and rust-proof treatment. Besides, the oil tank is equipped with an oil filter unit, the filter precision can guarantee the cleanliness of working oil; it can also realize blocking accident alarming of filter unit.
3.4 The hydraulic pipeline system shall be sealed and reliable; as for the connection type, the flange connection shall be preferred; the pipeline shall be arranged in order; besides, the anti-seismic pipe clamp and vibration-resisting pressure gauge shall be adopted; after phosphating, the pipeline shall be coated with rust-proof and oil-proof paint. It is not allowed to expose oil pipes in the front of host machine.
3.5 Description of prefill valve: the prefill valve is mainly used for oil absorption and discharge by the main cylinder. When the slider moves downward rapidly, the negative pressure formed in the upper chamber of main cylinder will open the prefill valve by absorbing and abundant oil in the oil tank will be filled into the oil cylinder; when the slider stops moving, the prefill valve will be closed under the action of spring force;
during the return stroke of slider, the control oil will open the pressure relief valve for pressure relief; then, the valve core is opened so that oil can be discharged towards the oil tank.
3.6 In order to effectively control the leakage of hydraulic system, the following measures are taken:
3.6.1 The faying surface (valve, valve block, flange, pipe connection) shall be sealed with the high-quality seal ring. All parts of the system shall be sealed reliably so as to avoid inclusion of air in the system and effectively prevent oil leakage of shell attachments and welding parts.
3.6.2 Pipes are arranged in order with distinct colors to differentiate high-pressure and low-pressure pipes. Flange connection shall be preferred. Besides, sufficient quakeproof and vibration-isolating pipe clamps are provided. Maximally use integrated connection to reduce the seepage points.
3.7 As for the cooling system, the cooling way with plate-type water cooler is adopted. It is stipulated that the allowable normal working oil pressure of press shall be greater than 10ºC and less than 60ºC. The demander shall provide water sources on its own (the temperature of cooling water shall be no more than 25ºC).

4.Operating mode of press
4.1 The press is provided with the inching and semi-automatic (two-hand single cycle) operations; the operations can be switched with the change-over switch and controlled concentratedly with buttons.
(1)Inching: A corresponding action will be started by pressing a certain working button and will be stopped by releasing the button; inching is mainly used for machine adjustment. This action cannot be fast.
(2)Semi-automatic (two-hand single cycle) operation: press the two-hand downward button, the press will continuously complete a specified single cycle process.
4.2 The holding time can be set by the time relay.

5.Safety protection measures for device
5.1 Static and emergency stop buttons: In case of any unusual conditions, press the "static" button and the work of press will be stopped completely; press the "emergency stop" button, and both the press and the motor will stop running.
5.2 Overload protection: It is required to provide the hydraulic relief valve in the hydraulic system so that the press won't get damaged due to overload operation.
5.3 There are travel switches in the upstroke and downstroke extreme positions of slider.
5.4 There is a hydraulic supporting insurance loop in the lower chamber of main cylinder.
5.5 Buttons shall be operated with both hands.
5.6 There is a group of photo-electric safety devices in the front side of press, with the protection height of 600mm.

6. Equipment working condition:
6.1 voltage: three phase 380 v (±10%), 50 Hz
6.2 Working temperature: -5~40°C, humidity: maximum 80%

Equipment inspection standard
1. Precision: According to GB/T 9166-2009 Precision four-column type hydraulic press
2. Design and manufacture should according to related standard requests of hydraulic machines:
JB/T 3818-1999 Hydraulic machines technical specification
GB5226.1-2002 Mechanical safety - Mechanical electric device - part 1:general technical specification
JB/T 8609-1997 Metal forming machine welding technical specification
JB/T 3623-1984 Metal forming machine noise testing
LPG Gas Tank Manufacturing Machine

C. F&Q
We are professional manufacturer of lpg tank production line. We need to know following information to quote you correct machineries:
Q: What size of LNG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 15kgs and 50kgs LNG cylinder and other size according customers' requirement.
Q: Can you design machines according LNG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.
Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing

To enable me give you correct proposal for correct machines, pls tell me following details:
1.Can you send me the technical drawing of the cylinders you want to make?
2.What size of cylinder you want to produce?(15kg, 50kg)
3.What kind of gas will be used inside cylinder? Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc..?
4. What temperature?
5.What diameter and thickness of the cylinder you want to make?
6.What length and material of cylinder you want to make,stainless steel or carbon steel?
7.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
8.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?

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