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LPG Cylinder Linear Welding Machine

  • Od300-500

  • 2.0-4.0mm

  • One Circle Per 50 Seconds

  • up to 2000mm

  • AC Frequency Conversion

  • Standard Seaworthy Package

  • SGS, CE


  • China

  • 500sets/Month

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

LPG Cylinder Linear Welding Machine

LPG Cylinder Linear Welding Machine

Longitudinal seam welding machine(MIG), including Panasonic welding GL3-500 and chiller
1) Type of welding: MIG
2) Cylinder position: Horizontal
3) Welding operation: Automatic
4) Cylinder fixing: Manual
5) Wire/flux feeding: Automatic
6) Cylinder diameter: 350±5 mm
7) Welding Length: 600 mm
8) Cycle time: 108 sec/pcs including loading unloading time
9) Power: 12KW
10) Weight:3500kg
11) Welding wire (35kg): 0.1kg/pcs
12) Dimension: 3300*1000*2500mm
The operator lifts the pneumatic bracket, removes the middle barrel from the barrel conveyor line and moves the head from the Universal steel ball bracket. Remove the bucket, open the upper, from the right side of the gasket sleeve into place, close the pneumatic flap locking device of the hanging plate locking pad shaft, turn the barrel to the two laser spot, press down the front and back of the key pressure points, pressure in the bucket. Start the automatic welding process, the torch automatically lowered, the torch on the arc plate automatic starting welding, to the other end of the arc plate position when the induction switch to stop welding, the welding torch arises automatically, the keys rise and release the bucket, pneumatic bracket up, manually pull the bucket into the chain conveyor line to transfer the next process cutting the arc plate.
LPG Cylinder Linear Welding Machine

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LPG Cylinder Linear Welding Machine

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LPG Cylinder Linear Welding Machine


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