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Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery

  • HLT

  • 550kVA

  • 16m / Min

  • 12PCS/ Min

  • Dia: 560-571.5mm

  • Not More Than 1000mm

  • 2.5-3.5mm

  • 0.6-1.5mm

  • 0.65 MPa

  • 80 L/Min

  • Plywood Crate

  • 2600× 730× 2100

  • HLT

  • Jiangsu, China

  • 8515290000

  • 1000 Sets/ Year

  • US$ 177000/Set 1 Set(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Product Description

Product Description

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery

Product Parameters


"Inverter automatic steel drum seam welder" (hereinafter referred to as seam welder) is an important device for producing metal drums. Its working principle belongs to the scope of resistance welding: that is, after the workpieces are assembled, the electrode applies pressure and the current flows through the steel plate. The contact area of the overlap and the adjacent area generate resistance heat, thereby forming a series of overlapped nuggets to obtain an airtight weld.
The welding method adopted by this equipment is roll seam welding. The electrode is a cylindrical roller. Its width is larger than the overlap of the steel plate to control the thickness of the joint. Welding uses a large electrode pressure and continuous welding current. By controlling welding specifications, including parameters such as electrode pressure, welding current, and welding speed, stable welding quality can be obtained, and seam welding procedures for longitudinal welds with a diameter of 560mm to 571.6mm can be completed.

Main components
No. Description Brand or origin
1 Logic Controller (PLC) MITSUBISH (Mitsubishi, Japan)
2 Touch screen MT8121iE (Taiwan Weilun) or equivalent brand
3 Transformer HORSE
4 Servo motor + driver Taiwan Delta
5 Motor Toyo or Wanxin (Taiwan brand)
6 Inverter Delta (Taiwan brand)
7 Welding Controller SVF
8 Pneumatic actuator AIRTAC (Taiwan brand)
9 Solenoid valve, triple parts, etc. AIRTAC (Taiwan brand)
10 Airbag Cylinder FESTO (Germany)
11 Main electrical components Schneider, Omron wearing parts

Operation Flow

Manually put the cut sheet on the pedal, and automatically transfer it to the automatic slitter. After being automatically conveyed into the machine and rolled into a cylindrical shape, the spot welding is not necessary, that is, the steel drum is longitudinally welded. Seam welding, automatic unloading.

Process flow

Manually put the cut material on the pallet---Use the forklift (travel) on the feeding roller---automatic feeding by the suction cup---cut the edge (trimming) by the trimmer---to the rolling area- --Rolling---Drum walking---Welding area---Welding---Welding completed---Scissor tongue---Automatic unloading---Repeat the above actions.

Automatic feeding parts

After uncoiling and leveling, the plates are cut into standard-sized drum plates, which are stacked neatly on the loading rack (the loading rack can be set up and down according to the number of steel plates), and then the plates are transported one by one through the vacuum suction cup. Trimming and rolling device. With ultrasonic single-sheet detection mechanism, if there is more than 2 steel plates are sucked out, it will automatically alarm and stop.
Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery
Cutting (trimming) edge parts: (customer optional)

There are two ways of longitudinal shearing (short side) and transverse shearing (long side). The transverse shearing shearing machine is a 3*2000 specification mechanism. Synchronized with the conveyor line.Slitting is a circular knife shearing machine, which can trim and cut online. Synchronized with conveyor line.

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery
Rolling parts

The rolling part is composed of three pressing rollers, one guiding roller (ie 3+1) fixing device, adjusting mechanism and so on. The blank enters between the pressing rollers quickly through the feeding mechanism, and is formed into a cylindrical shape by rolling deformation between the three rollers. The deformation diameter of the drum can be adjusted through the touch screen to adjust the distance between the left roller and the fixed roller and the pressing roller. Guide the thin roller, play the role of not producing excessively straight edges, making the roll rounder and more beautiful.

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery
Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery
Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery
Pushing parts: (using servo motor as power transmission)

After the welding of the previous cylindrical part is completed, the pushing part can be started, and the workpiece is pushed forward slowly, so that the workpiece enters the welding state. Then, quickly return to the original position and wait for the next cycle.

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery

Upper and lower electrodes and seam welding parts

The upper electrode cylinder applies electrode pressure to the upper electrode wheel through the lower support. An electrode cooling pipeline is installed in the middle of the lower electrode wheel. The outer diameter of the upper electrode wheel is φ300 mm. Can be used up to φ250mm.
The upper electrode wheel is equipped with a manual dressing tool. Users can trim and deburr according to the situation.
The upper electrode wheel is installed at the front end of the upper electrode part, and its rear end is a cantilever bracket, and an electrode cooling pipeline is arranged in the middle of the upper electrode wheel. (The waist drum can be opened for easy maintenance)
Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery

Lap control parts

"Z" type chute and setting block are important basic components to determine the amount of lap and ensure stable welding. The lap of this seam welder is 2.3-3mm, and the thickness of the clip can be adjusted to adjust the amount of lap size. Centered by three waist drum wheels to control and ensure a stable and consistent amount of lap.

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery

Pneumatic system, cooling system and lubrication system

Compressed air is used as the power source for the feeding of the seam welding machine, the axial movement of the electrode wheel, the generation of electrode pressure, and the discharge of materials.
The seam welding machine is equipped with corresponding cooling system and lubrication system. The lubrication system is divided into conductive grease lubrication part and ordinary grease lubrication part. The two parts are automatically supplied with grease by their respective dry oil pumps. The cooling system is cold water cooling, which can be cooled by cold water tank cooling, or the water can be filtered through the water tank circulation, and the water can be cooled by natural air flow. When cooling with a water cooler, it is recommended not to cool the water temperature too low. Generally, the inlet water temperature is controlled at about 20°C in summer. If the inlet water temperature is too low, condensation will occur on the components with water cooling pipes inside the transformer, and there will be water for a long time. Condensation adversely affects the insulation of components such as transformers, destroys the insulation performance of conductive components, and shortens the service life of components.

Electronic control

It adopts Mitsubishi PLC programming controller and man-machine interface. The entire operating system is controlled by the latest technology touch control, full local language display, direct display of the cause of failure, convenient and fast maintenance, no special training is required. The operating system is divided into threemajor operation modes: automatic cycle operation; step operation; segment operation.

Air control

Much of the seam welding machines technilogical actionuses compressed air as the power source. After passing through various valves, the relevant parts are driven by the cylinder to achieve actions and functions. This equipment increases the pressure of the workpiece feed roller less than the pressure of normal seam welding.

Company Profile

Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery Automatic Steel Drum Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine / Drum Machinery
We are steel drum machine manufacturer with more than 25 years' experience, like automatic resistance welding machine, inner&outer cleaning machine, corrugation and flanging machine, painting booth and curing oven. With advanced technology and the best service, we cooperate with many clients from all over the market, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Columbia, some of them purchases our advanced machine to upgrade their existing line to achieve higher output; some of them purchases the whole line from us, incl. blanking line, welding, painting booth etc. All machines are running very well in their plants and help a lot!

We need to know the following information to quote you correct machineries:

1. What power supply in your country?
Voltage and power
2. Size and Diameter of the Steel Drum?
3. Thickness and length of the Drum
For instance: 0.6--1.2mm
4. Material of the drum?
Carbon steel or stainless steel
5. Technical drawing of the drum
6. Productity/daily output
How many pieces you want to make per day?
7.Are you new in this industry, or you already have some machineries there?



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