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Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

  • HLT

  • New

  • 3~50kgs

  • Comflex

  • PLC

  • Available

  • 1 Year

  • Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

  • Full Automatic

  • Tt

  • Available

  • Available

  • Standard Seaworthy & Strong Package

  • SGS, ISO

  • Comflex

  • Wuxi, Jiangsu, China(Mainland)

  • 85152100

  • 50 Plants One Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Product Description

I. Machinery list

Equipment name



Residual liquid removal machine



Manual type pour residual frame


Valve mounting and dismantling machine(dismantling)



LPG Cylinder incinerator furnace



Equipped with additional device:

TL-1B cylinder loading and unloading device


desulphuration and dust removing device



Forced air cooling


Automatic Hydro testing machine

YS-4C Hydro water pressure testing machine(22kg) with video scanning serial code & testing record


YS-4C Hydro water pressure testing machine(50kg) with video scanning serial code & testing record


AH-28 Pump Station


YC-6T Shot blasting & derusting machine


CPS/X-1 Type Automatic Cylinder loading & unloading mechanical arm

Bag-type dust collector


Zinc Metalizing Machine

Powder coating line


Valve mounting and dismantling machine(mounting)



Air leakage testing machine(22kg)



Air leakage testing machine(45kg&50kg)



Air injection gun/distributing air cylinder


Vacuum machine



YF-1 Valve calibration machine



PSJ-1 Lifting platform

GS-1 Roller conveyor

Burst Pressure testing machine

II. Technical specification:

1. Residual liquid removal machine

Used for the recycling of residual gas and liquid in the LPG cylinder.

1. Power:7.5kw

2. Gas & liquid separator:0.4m³

3. Air source pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa

4. Turnover period:<30s/time

5. One time residual cleaning time:≥2min

6. Overall size:4700*1500*2050mm

7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

2. Valve mounting and dismantling machine

Suitable to mounting and dismantling the valves of model

YSP-10, 15 and 50 LPG cylinders.

1. Motor power:1.5kw

2. Drive speed ration:1:30

3. Main shaft speed ration:31r/min

4. Air source pressure:0.5-0.6MPa

7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

8. Overall size:600*600*1800mm

Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

3. LPG Cylinder Incinerator furnace
Used for burning off the paint on the old cylinders and liquid inside the cylinder

1. Furnace chamber temperature setting: <400ºC

(On the basis of meeting the requirements of burning bottles)

2. Workpiece temperature: ≈400ºC

3. Consumption of gas and fuel: Fuel burner type(100,000kcal), 4~5Kg/h·set

4. Power supply: 3.3Kw

5. Speed ratio: 493

6. Overall dimension: 15000 x 1500 x 1800mm

7. Working efficiency: 125 cylinders/hour

4. YS-4C Automatic Hydro pressure testing machine

Air pressure: 0.6Mpa

Water test pressure: 3.2Mpa (adjustable)

Holding time: 60s

Irrigation time: 90s

Dewatering time: 50s

Motor power: 3KW

Weight of machine: 4ton, 6ton

No. of stations: 6 station

Size of cylinder available: 320*700-420*1250mm

5. Shot blasting & derusting machine

Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

6. Fully-automatic powder coating line

Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

7. Valve moutning and dismantling machine (mounting)

Parameter is similar as No.2. Valve mounting and dismantling machine

8. Air leakage testing machine

1. Working pressure testing: 2.1MPa

2. Air cylinder working pressure: 0.5~0.6MPa

3. Working efficiency: 150pcs/hour(on basis of YSP-15 standard), 6 stations

4. Weight: 3T

Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

9. Vacuum machine

1. Pumping rate: 15L/S

2. Ultimate pressure: ≤6×10-2 Pa

3. Motor power: 2.2Kw

4. Temperature rise: ≤80 ºC

5. Noise: ≤80 dB(A)

6. Inlet diameter: Φ40 mm

7. Pump revolution speed: 320 rmp

8. Oil consumption: 2.8L

9. Overall dimension: 790mm*530mm*540mm

10. Weight: 190kg

11. Working efficiency: 75pcs/per machine/per hour

10. The cylinder valve calibration table

The machine is used to align the LPG cylinder valve.

1. Medium pressure air pressure:>2.1MPa

2. Testing pressure: 2.1Mpa

3. Air cylinder working pressure: 0.4-0.5MPa

4. Test medium: Compressed air

5. Working efficiency:75pcs/h

11. Printing machine

The machine adopts the scraper printing principle, it is suitable

for cylinder inspection center and cylinder manufacturer.

It is ideal LPG cylinder printing equipment.

1. Working efficiency:150Pcs/h

2. Air source pressure:0.5-0.6Mpa

3. Printing cylinder specification: QGB50×400MF2

Bottle cylinder specification: QGB50×200MP2

Pressing cylinder specification: QGB50×100MF1

4. Overall size:1200*800*1220mm

5. Weight: About 200kg

12. Automatic Zinc metalizing machine

1. Arc spraying zinc machine total power: 15KVA*N

2. Vacuum cleaner engine power: 5.5KW

3. The compressed air input pressure: 0.55~7Mpa

4. Diameter of the zinc wire: 2-3mm

5. Rated input voltage: 220V~280V

6. Productivity: Max. 90 pcs/hour

7. Zinc wire consumption: 93 kgs/hour

8. Full load power of zinc metalizing line: 50KW

Consumption of 0.5-0.7Mpa compressed air : 8m³/min

III. Introudction of our company

We are professional manufacturer of solar water tank machinery, LPG&LNG cylinder and steel drum welding equipment with many years of experience. We are improving technologies all the time and developing welding machinery market. We provide clients with inner and outer solar water tank, LPG&LNG cylinder, fire extinguisher, and steel drum welding machine and system solutions, including circumferential seam welding, longitudinal seam welding, nozzle welding, jacket layer welding system, etc...Due to highly automatic, simple operation and reliable quality welding equipment, they are popular and well accepted in many industries: pressure cylinders, fire extinguishers, solar water tank, stainless steel tanks, etc...Our machinery have been exported to many countries, such as Russia, US, Australia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Ukraine, etc...We can customized all our equipment according to different clients requirement.

We hope to cooperate with friends at home and abroad to create glorious future together.

IV. Customer reference list
1 .TK Group in Bangladesh
2. Hangzhou Yuhang Zhangshan Steel Cylinder Co.,Ltd., it is 3rd biggest LPG gas cylinder manufacturer in China, daily output is 18000pcs including all sizes from 2kgs to 50kgs.
3. TPA is manufacturing extremely high quality LPG cylinders for North America, European,UK and Australia., we supplied automatic welding line for their China plant in Dongguan. Now we are building new LPG gas cylinder factory in Vietnam, Hangphone, at the end of August , 2017, it will be set up and commissed.
4: Shandong Huanri Group co.,Ltd.,, they are biggest and strongest cylinder manufacturer in China, they bought our machines both for 12.5 and15kgs manufacturing and 50kgs manufacturing.
5.AYGAZ in Turkey,, last week, they have already ordered the complete welding line at us after comparing with SAW welding.
6. Manchester Tank from USA
7. Sahuwala Cylinder in India

8. Delta LPG Limited (SEACOM Group), they are setting up a new plant and we will take responsible for their 12.5kgs and 33kgs production line.

Refurbishing Line for LPG Gas Cylinder

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