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Oxygen Cylinder

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We are professional manufacturer of hot spinning machine(seamless cylinder production machinery) with more than 30 years experience.

All of our customers in China are high quality oxygen cylinder manufacturers.They do not have export licenses, thus we help them do exporting and our government refund the tax to us(our Chinese policy), that's why we will not add any profit from the manufacturer,our main purpose is to help Indian people and we believe that we will go through together.A lot of Indian LPG gas cylinder manufacturer such as Kurnool Cylinder, Confidence Petroleum India Ltd, Sahuwala Cylinders Pvt Ltd etc already took action...Do you have any idea about it?

Below are main points you may concerned about:

1. There is no one oxygen cylinder in stock now, they are all ordered, and now factory is very busy in production.

2. We do not have PESO certification, you need to apply for it by yourself, we will give you all materials to help you get the PESO certification

3. We have ISO9809 certification by SGS

4. The factory do not accept L/C payment, and the terms of payment is 50% as advance payment, and the rest will be paid against bill of lading.

5.Delivery time based on the cylinder quantity you need.(Most popular oxygen cylinders are 10L,40L and 47L)

Please feel free to contact us.

Here share some delivery photos of the oxygen cylinder.

oxygen cylinder for shipment

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